Monday, 3 November 2014

A demonstration of the "debating" tactics of the typical Daily Mail and UKIP-hating female libtard

Points to note about debating with libtards

  1. They try to command the terms of the debate by saying which words you can or can't use.
  2. They accuse of saying things you didn't. 
  3. When you refuse to play ball their way and when they cannot address the points you raise, they say you are offensive, not showing them proper respect and are therefore not worth debating with. Or that they are bored already. 

Libtards pretending to be bored when they have lost the argument

Entitled and privileged middle class women don't give a shit about working class men. 

Their ability to flaunt their compassion and membership of the dominant culture - whatever shit that is and hanging on to all the lifestyle options and privileges that feminism has given them at the expense of men, the next generation and the long term national interest - is more important to them than anything else.  

They will deny any truth and dismiss any argument because they can just vote for whatever libtard pro-immigration party that grovels enough to them.  

And men will put up with this if these women are fuckable, even as they know they will have no chance of even getting their dicks in the same room as them. That is how beta males are in thrall to any passably fuckable woman. Because they know they are unmarriageable and know that the only way of them getting any sex from a woman of this kind is to pretend to agree with anything she says, however retarded.  

Why is this country run by libtards?

Because women have the vote and most women are sluts and libtards.

The beta male cringe when he sees a woman he fancies having her arguments eviscerated

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