Thursday, 6 November 2014

My advice to Japan with its shrinking populace: sack ALL women from jobs men can do

This would mean abandoning indiscriminate universal suffrage, though.

But there is another way.

No representation without taxation

This would mean abandoning democracy as we know it and substituting it with a one-party state with a narrowed franchise of taxpayers only with a constitution that protects the rights of its members to criticise any party policy that they do not think is in the long term national interest.

This sounds radical but I really can see no moral harm in disenfranchising the parasitical unproductive sluts and bastards who would otherwise only vote for the high-spending libtard parties who will tax the productive married and legitimate simply to buy the votes of unproductive parasitical slut and bastard voters.

I envisage a constitution that enshrines the right of a citizen not to be taxed more than 20% of his income in which usury will be abolished and government debt be defaulted on. In short, I advocate a flat rate income tax of 20% and am sure if Islamic State offered all the citizens of the West this, they would all hurry to open the gates of their cities to ISIS.

Balanced against this right not to be taxed over a certain percentage, the citizen will have the right to expect the government to run the economy in such a way as to allow a working and married man to support his family with only his one wage.

I have no problem acknowledging this system will have the virtues of being

  1. socially conservative
  2. rational
  3. libertarian
  4. anti-feminist
  5. meritocratic
  6. efficient
  7. transparent
  8. unifying
and I commend it to all the governments of the world. 

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