Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Nonsense from Nigel about sharia courts and Judeao-Christian culture which he will be unable to define

Nigel Farage criticises FGM and sharia courts in UK Ukip leader calls for more ‘interculturalism’ and says some Muslims failing to fit in with UK’s Judeo-Christian culture

Today's Britain: dipso, fatso, bingo, asbo, Tesco

If Nigel Farage does not mean today's British culture of dipso, fatso, bingo, asbo, Tesco and paedo, is he saying that Muslims should convert to Christianity or Judaism?

Is UKIP proposing to conduct an Inquisition?


Charlie Hippo said...

Perhaps Farage wants Muslim women to drop the burka and get their tits out on page 3, for Muslim men to marry other men, while single mother Muslims and their bastard offspring (father unknown) get pissed out of their heads? Is that what he means by integration?

Claire Khaw said...

Next time you see Nigel Farage, ask him if he means British culture is tolerance of sluts and submission to feminazis.