Monday, 19 January 2015

Questions that will not be answered by Islamophobes or the British government

This tweeter is obviously confused and frightened, like everyone else nervous of terrorism. He genuinely cannot conceive of how or why anyone would commit an act of terrorism over "mere" Western foreign policy which is that of bombing and invading Muslim countries after destabilising them, just because he does not feel angry about it.

He is holding two mutually incompatible thoughts in his head ie

(a) Muslims are angry, violent and evil and alien to him and

(b) Muslims should be exactly like him and not bothered by Western foreign policy

Next, he will be saying that Muslims are stupid violent fanatics who never question their faith or ideology while he consistently refuses to address his mind to the possibility that Western foreign policy might be wrong, immoral and evil and that Muslims might have good cause to be angry with Western foreign policy.

Clearly, he expects Muslims to be like him ie not be bothered, turn the page, pour themselves an alcoholic drink to forget about the injustices of the world.

If they refuse to say they are Charlie Hebdo, or say that those who routinely and deliberately give gratuitous offence to those holding religious beliefs will eventually get their comeuppance, they will be labelled as extremists, by people like him.

Why would anyone with any moral principles want to integrate into this kind of cowardly, inconsistent and hypocritical mindset, let alone a Muslim?

Is what I have described above the much-vaunted "British values" our politicians keep boasting about?

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