Thursday, 19 February 2015

Why a rational foreign policy and democracy don't mix: too many moron voters who believe everything they are told

European defence ministers oppose sending weapons to Ukraine

Sending weapons to Ukraine would escalate violence – UK Defence Secretary

Ukraine crisis: Russia is a threat to other Baltic states, warns Defence Secretary Michael Fallon

What does the exchange below prove?

That morons (both in and outside Parliament) who believe any shit they are told have the vote and our democracy is based on these morons voting. That is why our foreign policy is shit and that the Third World War is yet again the fault of the White Anglo Saxon Protestant, who is already responsible for the previous two. Quite a hat-trick, eh? Once that happens, the game will be over for Western civilisation as we know it.

End of the debate by this ignoramus who shouldn't be allowed to vote.

Which rules are more likely to discourage war - the Wolfowitz Doctrine or the Koranic rules of warfare?

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