Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Claire Khaw designs T-shirts for Eddy Butler, Harlow PPC for the English Democrats

Eddy Butler, formerly BNP National Organiser,
now Harlow PPC for the English Democrats

Eddy Butler:

I am standing in the 2015 General Election in Harlow for the English Democrats.

I chose to stand in Harlow because it is the next constituency to where I live and I stood here in 2010.

The English Democrats deserve to be supported because they are the only party to campaign specifically for England.

The position of England in the Union is likely to come under the microscope with the so-called Scottish Nationalists seemingly determined to interfere in English affairs.

I totally support the setting up of an English Parliament to redress the imbalances caused by devolution – although I am in the wing of the English Democrats that does not favour independence.
The English Democrats represent that brand of moderate sensible nationalism that has a widespread appeal with the electorate.

At present the overwhelming majority of like-minded voters are attracted to UKIP - which shares many of the same attitudes as the EDs – over Europe and migration for example.

I hope UKIP do very well in this election and I look forward to them winning a number of seats.

Harlow is a strong seat for UKIP but is not one of their targets. I would not have stood against them if it was one of their targets. Incidentally I defeated the UKIP candidate in the 2010 election here, although I got on very well with him personally.

Politics is an uncertain business. UKIP might implode of they perform worse than expected – if Nigel Farage fails to get elected for example. I hope he does get elected – but he might not and in such circumstances the EDs might very well take up the challenge. That is another reason why it is essential that the EDs remain in the game.

The EDs are likely to be standing in the sixth or seventh highest number of seats of any party in England.

Apart from UKIP, the EDs are the only viable patriotic party in being.

They deserve your support – and I am showing my support by standing for the EDs in the General Election.

Eddy Butler:
"The main difference about the EDS is that we support the creation of an English Parliament. 
Otherwise quite similar to UKIP. The English Parliament issue is likely to grow in prominence in the years ahead.

I would oppose moves to build more houses and make Harlow bigger – as I oppose building on the Green belt and making conditions overcrowded with to much pressure on the infrastructure – schools, health, roads, water systems etc.

I support innovation and extra emphasis placed on research and development – which used to be key sectors in Harlow’s economy.

As MP I would speak out on these issues – and warn of  the creeping danger of Islamic extremism

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Creeping danger would be apt description of Buttler