Tuesday, 14 April 2015

LGBTs have a hissy fit at me because of a misunderstanding

Under the changes, Grade 3 students [children from 8 to 9]  will learn about same-sex relationships, kids in Grades 4 [children from 9 to 10] and up will learn more about the dangers of online bullying, while the dangers of sexting will come in Grade 7 [children from 12 to 13].
Lessons about puberty will move from Grade 5 [children from 10 to 11] to Grade 4, while masturbation and “gender expression” are mentioned in the Grade 6 curriculum.

Come on. isn't the Caliphate better than our pornocracy of  a government literally fucking with our children's minds? Who do you think will be teaching our children Sex Ed? Slut female or sex predator male teachers who will think nothing of seducing your adolescent son or daughter, probably.

In the UK anyone who wants to teach at a state school has to undergo a full year of teacher training indoctrination about how it is OK to be gay if you're a man and super to be a slut if you are female.

Haven't you had enough?

Muslims don't put up with this shittification of standards of sexual morality, so why should we? has  more gay shit at schools. 

TYPO: "old" = "told"


Michael Voris:

" ... much of the Catholic clergy is homosexual.

And the reason so much of the clergy is gay is because the seminaries and vocation directors and chanceries are busting at the seams with homosexuals.

They are the ones who surround bishops, for example, and “counsel” them—the bishops who aren’t gay themselves, that is. They run various key departments in the chancery,
and they see to it that their own get appointed in key or pivotal positions."

Who is Chief Feminazi in the UK?

The Directrix of Public Prosecutions in the UK Alison Saunders. Men haven't got a chance.

John Humphrys points out the campaigning statement of feminazi Alison Saunders who wants to raise the numbers of convictions of men accused of rape


  1. In a matriarchy, all men are lower than Slut Single Mothers. Keith Joseph's career was destroyed in 1974 when he criticised Slut Single Mothers. That was the beginning of the end. 
  2. In a matriarchy homosexual men are above heterosexual men because only they dare to say things heterosexual men are too afraid to say about women eg David Starkey, Stephen Fry. They dare to criticise women because they are not bothered if women withhold sex from them. 
  3. In a matriarchy even the Prime Minister is afraid of sluts because they all have the vote and have used it to devastating effect when they voted New Labour in. Women considered Tony Blair sexier than John Major, obviously. Guess who will be the new leader of the Labour Party after Ed Miliband loses the 2015 General Election? Guess who middle class female Labour members find sexiest and whose **** they most want to suck? As Janusz Korwin-Mikke said at “Women usually vote for the more handsome man" Pity the beta male who cannot even choose his own leader without omega females - who are very libtard - influencing the vote. We know who voted New Labour and the Democrats in, don't we? Stupid irresponsible parasitical women with no jobs or public sector non-jobs.
  4. Alpha males (eg US President, UK Prime Minister) are more preoccupied with appeasing the omega female SSM voter and keeping her voting than looking after the interests of the beta male who do all the work. That is the democratic process for you in an environment of indiscriminate universal suffrage.
  5. Will any politician be proposing to disenfranchise non-taxpayers? What do you think, dear reader, knowing of the pussy-whipped cowardice, corruption and competence of the average Western politician? 
  6. Beta males will not accept the authority of another beta male and that was why John Major's Cabinet were always rebelling against him.  
  7. Beta males would rather choose a female they find attractive to be their leader than another beta male. 
  8. Attractive people are more often than not vain, shallow, lazy and unprincipled.
  9. Women will always conspire to lower standards of sexual morality if ever given the opportunity. This is probably because they are incapable of abstract thought because they are just not interested in the longevity and strength of their civilisation or the long term national interest, or just selfish, stupid and evil. Lowering standards of sexual morality would let them off the hook while raising standards would result in most women being shamed as sluts. 
  10. 83% of female MPs voted for gay marriage while only 48% of male MPs did. What does this say about feminism?
  11. You have to be pretty stupid ugly smelly and nasty as a woman for a man to say no if you are offering them no-strings sex. Men are of course the weaker sex when it comes to saying no to no-strings sex.
  12. Saying it is OK for women to be sluts - as a matriarchy would - invariably lowers standards of everything else, eg education, morality. 
  13. A matriarchy or pornocracy is a society in which most women are sluts whose power base is built on the desire men have for sex with sluts. Women use sex to control men and sluts are the main suppliers of sex to men in a matriarchy. In a patriarchy most of the sex that would take place is married sex and sex with prostitutes. This explains why evil feminazi sluts want to undermine marriage and criminalise men for buying sex from prostitutes (so as to keep them continuing to get sex from sluts) while encouraging primary schoolchildren with their Sex Ed to fuck whoever whenever wherever as long as it feels good to keep that whole shitty shebang of their stinking pornocracy banging and chuntering on. 
  14. Shaming sluts would discourage women who don't want to be shamed as sluts into withholding sex forcing men to up their game thereby raising standards. 
  15. The shittier women are to men the more of them will go gay or paedo.
  16. Deep down men are afraid of women because they know they are not supposed to hit or rape women but understandably don't want to be bullied and mocked by women.
  17. Are you beginning to get why Muslims don't want to integrate into this kind of shit and have their daughters become SSMs, their sons gaily married or if married to a woman divorced for no good reason and lose access to their grandchildren because their vengeful ex-daughter-in-law wants to punish them? Do you now understand why so many of them would rather die fighting for ISIS than live in a society where all men are lower than Slut Single Mothers because they are afraid to criticise them? Did you know that the US President himself - supposedly the most powerful man on earth - is afraid of SSMs because they all have the vote?
  18. When  most men in the West become gay, or unemployed losers because their jobs have been taken by women or contemptible pussy-whipped MCSFs or paedophiles, ISIS will come and take us over. 

You would have thought that all right-thinking people would agree that what I am saying is quite important and ought to be more widely discussed.

Why isn't it?

MPs would be too afraid of antagonising their slut, SSM, MCSF and SPOSSM voters. This is of course the corrupt and craven nature of our much-vaunted democratic process.

What is an SSM?

What is an MCSF and a SPOSSM?

Why isn't the media discussing it?

Have you noticed that almost every other BBC producer is female and possibly a feminazi protected by pro-feminist legislation?  

Self-censorship is much  more insidious than overt censorship. If there is overt censorship people would just try to get round the rules. If it is self-censorship people won't even touch the subject for fear of someone (eg a female they fancy) taking a dislike to them. 

Why isn't UKIP discussing it?

Because UKIP are just as terrified as the LibLabCon of antagonising voters who regard extramarital sex as a God-given right.

What do you think is going to happen if the slut problem continues to be ignored?

What do you think will happen to you if you suspect you have cancer but refuse to go to the doctor?

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JF said...

Gay sex between faggots is never ok.

Lesbian sex between attractive females is perfectly acceptable.

I remember the good old days when children were taught how to read, write, spell, punctuate, speak and apply mathematics to a decent standard.

Now in modern UK and US we have children leaving school at the age of 15, unable to read or write but they can suck cock and claim state benefits.

This shit is what happens when we allow women and faggots to control the education system.