Thursday, 30 April 2015

The rationale of honour killing explained

Pregnant 10-year-old girl 'denied life-saving abortion after being raped by her stepfather'

Any mother who takes up with a man who rapes her 10 year old daughter must ipso facto be a SHIT mother and a slut.

A slut is a woman who suffers because her promiscuity. Promiscuity is choosing one's sex partners badly and suffering for one's bad choices.

Any daughter of any SHIT mother must ipso facto inherit her SHIT genes.

Would you marry a woman who was knocked up by her step father when she was 10? NOPE.

Would you marry a woman who married a man who raped and impregnated her daughter? NOPE.

If you were a mother, would you want your son to take up with such a woman? NOPE.


I would have the mother's husband executed to draw a line under this.

I mean, even if you were the mother you would secretly be relieved if your daughter "disappears", wouldn't you?

Imagine all the guilt you would have to deal with and all the arguments you would have with her.

"Mum, you have to say yes to whatever I ask cos you were the one who married the man who raped and impregnated me when I was ten. " 

Intolerable and insufferable.

Just imagine yourself to be the father of the woman whose daughter was raped by her husband. You would want your grand-daughter dead too, wouldn't you, so your daughter could start again instead of being dragged down by her raped daughter and the bastard spawn of her raped daughter?

What if your daughter with the raped daughter wants to keep the offspring of her raped daughter who is also the offspring of your late son-in-law?

You could disown her, but you may just prefer it if she and her daughter and her grandchild disappeared off the face of the earth too, or at least moved far far away, wouldn't you?

If she won't go, she and your raped and impregnated granddaughter and her grand-daughter's bastard spawn would be like three albatrosses round your neck, wouldn't they?

The disgrace would be total if you allowed this: the mockery and disdain of all your community and the contempt of your peers. If you had any position in this community at all it would all be lost, because of your slut of a daughter who chose to get knocked-up by the wrong man and then married even more of a wrong 'un who raped and impregnated her daughter who is also your "damaged goods"granddaughter.

What would you be mocked for?

For having lost control of your women, of course.

Western men wouldn't get any of this, of course.

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