Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Why Douglas Carswell is saying no to £650,000

The politician with the twisted mouth. Is this the face of a man you would trust?

A standoff has developed between senior UKIP figures and Douglas Carswell over public money they are entitled to receive. UKIP is entitled to around £650,000 to help finance their back room operations. The BBC understands Mr Carswell was approached by UKIP's party secretary yesterday and asked to recruit 15 extra staff for his parliamentary office - he rejected the proposal making it clear he was not going to agree to the plan which sources close to him have described as 'improper'. Douglas Carswell is the MP for Clacton.

I speak metaphorically, of course.
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BH said...

Carswell is a liability to UKIP, if only because of his asymmetrical mouth.

Claire Khaw said...