Wednesday, 10 June 2015

British scientist who told truth made to resign by feminazis and their mangina running dogs

David Colquhoun - No 1 Mangina Running Dog of Feminazis who have Feminazified British Science

David Colquhoun, emeritus professor of pharmacology at University College London, said Hunt’s comments were a ‘disaster for the advancement of women’. But are women scientists really so fragile that they’ll be discouraged by a flippant comment made on the other side of the world? The assumption that they will give up, or never get going in the first place, because of a throwaway sexist sentence just repeats the ‘crying over criticism’ point Hunt is being slammed for making – albeit in an apparently more caring form.

My review of Simon Sheppard's Sex and Power:


snork maiden said...

I read your link, that is hilarious. Does this guy think he's living in a 'Carry On'film? Do you honestly believe what he said is true? Are you unable to work with men because they all fall in love with you? Do you cry every time someone criticizes you?

Brett Caton said...

@ snork maiden

There are many companies that ban office romances. Clearly they are seen as reducing productivity.

Who banned them? Human Resources.

Who runs HR? Young white women.

Often feminists.

What else did he say? That women and men work better separately?

Who else says that?

Feminists. Have done since the 1960s. It's a major strand of feminist belief. And to an extent, studies of kids in schools have backed that up; academic performance is superior.

So when a feminist says those things, it's good, and when an Old White Man says it, it's Patriarchy and he must be crushed?

SocJus doublethink at it's finest!