Monday, 12 October 2015

Degrees of radicalisation

One then has to consider whether state-sponsored terrorism is always evil, if it is indeed the case that one man's terrorist is another man' freedom-fighter.

All rapists are men, but not all men are rapists.
All sluts are women, not not all women are sluts.

It is possible to be a man without being a rapist.
It is possible to be a woman without being a slut.
It is possible to be radicalised without going on to become a terrorist.
It is possible to be a terrorist without being Muslim.

Questions for MPs:

  1. Does radicalisation only apply to Muslims?
  2. Would you say that Anders Breivik was radicalised?
  3. If your answer is NO, is it because he is not Muslim?
  4. Have you considered changing UK foreign policy to deal with the problem of terrorism? 
  5. Have you considered why Muslims might get upset, angry and violent if you bomb, invade and impose regime-change on Muslim countries for no good reason that they can see?
  6. Have you considered having an honest debate about UK foreign policy?
  7. Is the reason why you refuse to have a full and frank debate about UK foreign policy is because the UK does not have an independent foreign policy and/or that it is in fact indefensible?
  8. Is the reason why the UK does not have an independent foreign policy because it is a vassal state of the US?
  9. Have you considered whether now might be the time to leave NATO so as to break it up and make the Americans withdraw into isolationism, leaving the world a more peaceful place?
  10. Have you considered that the possibility that US foreign policy is actually insane?
  11. Have you made the link between destroying Muslim countries at the behest of Washington for no good reason and the migrant swarms heading your way?
  12. Have you heard of the Wolfowitz Doctrine?
  13. Have you considered that the victims of the Wolfowitz Doctrine ie Muslim countries toppled by the West might wish to object to it in the strongest possible terms and use terrorism to do so?
  14. If you are an MP and have not heard of the Wolfowitz Doctrine, should you be whipped by your party into voting to bomb Syria?
  15. If you are a Labour MP, are you grateful that Jeremy Corbyn is allowing you a free vote on whether to bomb Syria?
  16. If you are a Tory MP, dare you demand a free vote for Tory MPs over voting on whether to bomb Syria if Labour MPs are getting a free vote?
  17. If not, why not?
  18. Is it cos you are too scared or stupid to challenge UK foreign policy of "bomb first and wring our hands later"?
  19. Does UK foreign policy promote the British national interest?
  20. How would you define the national interest?
  21. What is the point of supporting a foreign policy that provokes terrorism that you cannot explain to your constituents?
  22. Does it make sense to support a foreign policy that provokes terrorism and responding to the terrorism you provoke with increasing restrictions on the liberties of your citizens?
  23. Do you know why so many citizens in NATO member states like, admire and support Putin, as Iain Dale said on the Sky Press Review?
  24. Do you know why non-establishment politicians like Nigel Farage and Donald Trump admire and like Putin?

Because sane people can understand what Putin is doing, why he is doing it and seeing that what he is doing works while explaining current government policy both domestic and foreign is like trying to explain the motivations of an imbecile or a lunatic, that's why we like Putin so much.

Paul Craig Roberts explains the evil of US foreign policy.

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