Saturday, 3 October 2015

My exchange with Robert Oulds of the Bruges Group on the EU referendum

Our exchange on 23 September 2015

CK at 1316:

3000 in migrant camps in Calais more than double what you said ie 1000. When the numbers become intolerable French will help them onto boats sending them here. 

RO at 1324:

You need to think a bit more. If the French were sending them over the camp would not be there.

CK to 1325:

Perception is all. Opportunity missed if leave campaign don't equate leaving EU with end of migrant swarms. It was you who said 1000 in Calais Monday evening. 

RO at 1326:

What you say is wrong and misses the facts.

RO at 1326:

You need to learn about the Le Touquet Treaty

[Then Robert Oulds rang and shouted at me calling me a "stupid woman" several times and said it was "very odd" that I, who was not born in this country, should be concerned about immigration, implying that no one who is not white has a right to criticise government policy even if they are UK citizens. It is not the implied and unstated racism that bothered me, just why he felt he had to say this and the way he said this that I found socially inept. He then desisted from calling me a "stupid woman", probably fearing accusations of sexism and started calling me a "stupid person" instead.]

CK at 1343:

"You need to learn about the Le Touquet Treaty" - is this how you are going to persuade friends and family and also calling them stupid?? They would do the opposite of what you say if you shout at them and call them stupid. 

RO at 1345:

Sorry. You cannot be rational if you say Nigel Farage isn't doing enough on immigration! 

CK at 1346:

Farage could be attacking the clearly biased pro-migrant coverage of the BBC and other Western media and proposing to abolish licence fee and sell off BBC. 

CK at 1348:

Is Farage even saying what I say he should be saying? Has anyone suggested you do a bit of anger management?

CK at 1350:

Voters hate anti-immigration people cos they are full of anger, arrogance who are invariably social retards and crusty old men. THAT IS THE PROBLEM.

RO at 1352:

I am anti-immigration. I just found you annoying and irrational. 

CK at 1352:

I am telling you why the young hate the sight and sound of crusty hate-filled old men who can't use social media telling them what to do.

CK at 1355:

How have I been irrational by telling you lot you have an image problem??! You clearly do, of being crusty racists who will soon be dead, that's what they say.

CK at 1356:

You can't take any criticism either. 

Did you get any of this? Whom do you believe?


Anonymous said...

So how does exposing Robert Oulds as a social retard with anger management problems and possibly a racist who thinks non-white British citizens have no right to discuss immigration help the leave campaign?

Claire Khaw said...

I see no harm in putting Eurosceptic social retards on notice not to fuck things up well in advance and perhaps do a course in anger management.

Anonymous said...

Did Robert Oulds really shout at you? Were there any witnesses?

Claire Khaw said...

Yes, he did really shout at me. There were other people around but they were possibly a bit deaf. I know I made a point of not betraying in my body language that I was a person being shouted at, but he was definitely shouting at me. At one point he even said "I know I'm being rude but ... " or "I don't mean to be rude but ... " so he knew it too. He did the same thing the following day, but on the phone, calling me a "stupid woman" several times.

Anonymous said...

You're a glutton for punishment, aren't you? Why did you antagonise him some more the next day?

Claire Khaw said...

He said there were 1000 in Calais and I heard on the News at One on Radio 4 that there were in fact 3000 and couldn't resist pointing that out. I also wanted to find out why he thought Calais was an irrelevance when it had been on the news so much and lorry drivers were clearly being massively inconvenienced. I couldn't quite believe that he had actually shouted at me like that or if I had just imagined it.

Anonymous said...

What do you think Eurosceptics should be doing that you don't think they are doing or think they might not do? I fail to see how getting Robert Oulds to shout at you twice helps the leave campaign.

Claire Khaw said...

Addressing the issues I have raised at would help focus minds.

I would like a role in the leave campaign but have a feeling they are going to ignore me and say I am an extremist or mad etc.

Like I said, they have to paint a pretty picture of how Britain will be governed post-#Brexit and just talking about trading partners and national sovereignty just ain't gonna cut it.

Anonymous said...

What should they be talking about then? Your idea of a one-party theocracy in a post-feminist Britain in which single mothers will be lashed in public every Saturday in town squares and village greens? Are you sure that would help the leave campaign?

Claire Khaw said...

I think at the very least someone should be talking about repealing the Equality Act 2010 and abolishing totalitarian THOUGHTCRIME anti-discrimination legislation. Abolishing no fault divorce, the BBC licence fee and establishing a National Government would make the debate more interesting. I fear the leave campaign will be so risk-averse they will bore everyone to death. There are already signs of this with Arron Banks saying Nigel Farage is too divisive perhaps hoping he will stand aside in favour of Steven Woolfe. I don't like the look of Banks who looks weak, shallow and unprincipled. He even says he is "looking to hire a campaign director with left wing roots to take it forward."

He is a fool if he thinks anyone in the party can do it better than Farage.

He is a fool if he thinks the EU referendum is not political.

This is what he said:

“To make [the EU referendum] non-political would be wonderful. But that is a decision for him. If that's the way, you decide to go that would be great."

Farage has to deal with fools like him as well as everything else.

This is our last chance and I don't want those social retards and buffoons to fuck it up.

Anonymous said...

How would you run the leave campaign if you were campaign director for the leave campaign?

Claire Khaw said...

I would unashamedly link the migrant swarms with the leave campaign. This was what Robert Oulds The Implicitly Racist and I were disagreeing about. He said not displaying overt hostility to migrant swarms would be a way of not ceding the moral high ground to the people who want to remain in the EU and accommodate migrants in their homes. It is my considered view that we should make the most of the available imagery of migrant swarms to get the overwhelming majority of voters to leave. Images of migrants swarming their way to us is VISCERAL and should be used as much as possible.

It is idiotic to think the venal voter is ever going to be swayed by arguments wittering on about principles of national sovereignty. Get them in the gut, not appeal to their ability to grasp abstract ideals.