Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Should feminist mother be allowed to deprive conservative father of access to their children over a political disagreement?

Indeed, a malicious Muslim ex-wife could say that her ex-husband is a Radical Muslim, plans to join ISIS and take their children, urging the court to give her the benefit of the doubt.

The answer to both questions is NO because otherwise a malicious wife could deprive her husband of his children over a difference in opinion about gay marriage, abortion or any other policy that departs from government policy. This means fathers in effect have no rights over their children at all. If this is the kind of society the British judiciary is happy to live in and perpetuate, then we will all know by the end of the three-day trial in December 2015.

Would this make a difference?

I would say yes, because a married couple with legitimate children should have more rights over each other and their children than unmarried parents over their illegitimate offspring. That is, if the government is minded to support the institution of marriage. Western governments, drunk on the sexual licence promoted by feminism have been instrumental in desecrating the institutions of marriage and family for decades. They now run Big Sister government and their voters, also addicted to extramarital sex as an inalienable human right, seem happy to go along with this.

But not all corruption is financial or money-motivated. Spiritual corruption is even more dangerous as it erodes the character of people. Once people’s concerns do not go beyond themselves and their own feelings, a culture is dead. 

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