Friday, 4 March 2016

Why I have no problem with the verses in the Koran Taj Hargey and Tom Holland wanted redacted

From the 59th minute, I ask those who want a reformation of Islam which verse they want redacted.

Tom Holland said the jizya verse.

Jizya is a conditional tribute and should never be imposed on your own people, or non-Muslims living in your land.

What should be imposed on your own people in your own Islamic State?

Khums, of course. That would be a 20% flat rate income tax.

The jizya can only be imposed on a country you have conquered. If Britain became Muslim and conquered Ireland or France, then we would impose the jizya on them. If they refused to convert to Islam, they would have to pay us the jizya. If they become an Islamic state, they avoid the tax.

How much should the jizya be?

I suggest jizya should be 20% of the GDP of the conquered country.

Then its citizens could work out that paying a flat rate income tax of 20% to their own government would work out to be lighter than paying 20% of their GDP as a tribute. This would be decided by referendum, of course.  

Taj Hargey said the wife-beating verse.

My literal interpretation of that wife-beating verse that will *not* result in a beating

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