Tuesday, 3 May 2016

How Claire Khaw would have handled the Hillsborough inquests

Chief Constable Mike Barton's voice trembling with so much fear it was pitiful
Retired police officers who served in the South Yorkshire force have been told to be proud of their achievements, despite the findings of the Hillsborough inquests. Speaking on the programme is Mike Barton, chief constable of Durham Police, and Lord Blunkett, former Labour Home Secretary. From 2:10

Letter to retired South Yorkshire police 'told them to be proud'

Blunkett hints that policing in South Yorkshire might just be undermined by all this, but can't quite bring himself to make the point more strongly. Disgusting and pathetic.

Obviously, retired police officers have to say something to each other that would be only platitudinously comforting, but even this has to be put on display by a vengeful liberal media.

Liberals just want to destroy their society and themselves, don't they? Or perhaps they just don't think through the consequences of what they are doing, in which case they should just fuck off out of public life.

Why couldn't the authorities just say mistakes were made, pay off the scousers and leave it at that? Oh, but the lawyers wouldn't have earned all those huge fees then, would they? 

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