Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Why do Christians lack the confidence to prevent the death of Christianity?

I accept that Christianity is dying fast in this country. I know that many schools teach religion badly, if at all, and that ignorance is everywhere. But there is more than one response to this. You could say, as this ‘report’ does, that we should accept that this isn’t a Christian country any more, and adapt it to become a sort of religious salad of all faiths and none.

You could give up trying to teach Christianity as a living faith, and instead get children to study it as a quaint, eccentric curiosity. Or – and the weeks around Christmas are a good time to say this – we could say that we still have a chance to rebuild and restore what has been lost.

Why do we so lack the confidence to do this, and readily abandon a heritage of such power and beauty, which has brought us so much good, for a multicultural wasteland in which a dozen competing faiths squabble in the ruins, and everyone else bows to the neon gods of consumerism?

Because even Christians don't really believe that Christ is the begotten Son of God. Poor old Peter Hitchens. Fancy not knowing that if you don't believe that Jesus is simultaneously God Himself and His Son, you ain't Christian, and only Christians get to heaven.

Even Christians don't believe in this themselves.

Worse, Peter Hitchens doesn't seem to know that he is supposed to believe it. Christianity is more than motets in cathedrals and hymns in churches. The living Christian faith consists of real people who believe in all the nonsense of the Trinity in all its inglorious absurdity, or who are prepared to pretend that they believe it, by constantly repeating "Jesus is Lord," to anyone who will listen.  

These days, even the Archbishop of Canterbury doesn't even know he is supposed to believe in the Trinity.

Peter Hitchens and his ilk eg Roger Scruton , Adrian Hilton, Tim Stanley and other Conservative Christians are to be pitied for the following reasons.

  1. They haven't noticed that Britain is as Christian as  skeleton used to be human.
  2. They cannot distinguish between the form and substance of their faith. (The form consists of church buildings, hymns, candles, motets, incense, communion wine, wafer etc and the substance is the belief one is supposed to hold by dint of being Christian. Does Peter Hitchens even believe in the Trinity ie that Jesus is Lord? Who knows? He is just whingeing about shrinking congregations from what I can tell.)
  3. They are right out of ideas and their strategy for survival is to die before the shit hits the fan. 
  4. They expect Muslims to convert to Islam and to believe in a lie they themselves don't even believe in or seem to be aware of.
  5. They still call themselves feminists.
  6. They are too frightened to even discuss my ideas in unflattering terms, ie challenging feminism, electoral reform and a change of religion as a means of regenerating a clearly degenerate society.  

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