Friday, 17 June 2016

Which political system would you choose?

a) Under a matriarchy, all men are lower than sluts, and the buck keeps being passed like a parcel until it blows up. In a matriarchy the beta male is shat and pissed on. They think they are electing a leader at general elections, but all leaders of all political parties are only interested in chasing the female vote and serving foreign interests. Any political system that is underpays its parliamentarians with a crap education system is going to have the blind leading the blind. Democracy is just feminist-spawned degenerate idiocracy in which all the politicians with principles are beta male charisma-free zones, and the sexy ones charlatans and convictionless cunts.

b) Under a patriarchy, the buck stops with the alpha male. In a patriarchy, beta males get to choose a leader who will protect their interests who need not pander to irresponsible unmarried single mothers because social parasites will be irrelevant to political decision-making because they won't even be voting, because only taxpayers would have the vote, and the low-waged would be relieved of the burden of paying taxes as well as that of voting.

Which you gonna choose?

Yeah, some of you would still choose the matriarchy/democracy/liberalism/feminism, I know. LOSERS.

Oh, and vote Brexit to be closer to getting the patriarchy any sane and decent person would want. 

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