Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Why does the Mail pay Peter Hitchens to sneer at British Conservatism?

For relentless negativity, no one can better that lifelong depressive Peter Hitchens. Isn't the Mail ready for another Conservative writer - such as myself - that won't drive its younger male readers with still some fight left in them straight into the arms of Islam if not ISIS?

It would appear that Hitchens favours a constitutional dictatorship. He should know that a Caliph is also dictator whose powers are limited by the Koran. He surely cannot be proposing that Charles or William become absolute monarchs unless he really has gone bonkers.

Personally, as I examine the record of ‘democratically-elected’ rulers across the world,  my Cromwellian head begins to be ruled by my Royalist heart, and I start to see the point of giving the headship of the state to the Lord’s Anointed, provided it can be combined with the rule of law, an adversarial parliament, the Bill of Rights, Magna Carta, Jury Trial and Habeas Corpus (in short, the 1689 settlement rightly known as the Glorious Revolution).

If it is Hitchens' plan to drive British Conservatives to suicide, he should do the decent thing himself first so a vacancy arises in the Mail and a more optimistic Conservative such as myself can nimbly and cheerfully step into his shoes.

Tweets of paralysing morbidity, despair and gloom, perhaps carefully crafted to induce suicide or acts of suicidal terrorism ...

Muslims have God, but Conservative Anglicans only have Peter Hitchens to mock their imminent extinction. 


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