Thursday, 15 September 2016

Why the West is a matriarchy

Feminism is just the practice of slut-fucking. Anyone who wants to be a slut or who wants to fuck sluts is already a conscripted foot soldier of feminism. A feminist society is a society in which most of the sex that takes place is extramarital sex. This would include Western society, wouldn't it?


1. A slut is a fornicatress.

2. A fornicatress is any woman has had sex with a man not her husband.

3. A conclusive sign of moral degeneracy is ignorance, disbelief and outrage upon being reminded about these principles of marriage.

4. Patriarchy cannot exist without marriage.

5. Everything about feminism undermines marriage.

6. When people talk about the Western Way of Life that Islam threatens, they really mean their widespread practice of Fornication.

7. The sacred religion of feminists is feminism. To feminists, I am a heretic.

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