Friday, 7 October 2016

Abortion and how it may affect the success of Trump's Presidential campaign

It is very predictably overwhelmingly fornicating sluts who find themselves in need of an abortion. If Trump does not become POTUS, it could well be because of these women who will be voting for Hillary Clinton for no other reason than to continue to have abortion on demand and who do not want its availability to be remotely threatened in any way, or women with all the qualities I have cited, who are also fat.

It is truly horrible to imagine that the 2016 Battle for America will hinge on the voting preferences of immoral and obese women and the morally compromised men who want to have sex with them.

Whatever America does, the rest of the degenerate West will follow in its wake as well as the rest of the degenerate East. If only the American political class formally acknowledged their imperial status and the responsibilities of power, which would include the sacrifice of showing the rest of the world a good example. Noblesse oblige, and all that.

The Planned Parenthood ground war is designed to dovetail with the Democratic campaign to take back the Senate, which will hinge on tight races in many of the same swing states. "These elections are so close. These Senate races are within one point. The presidential campaign in many of these states is within the margin of error," Schifeling says. "We think these three million voters are going to make the difference. In a lot of these states, they are going to be the margin of victory."

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