Monday, 2 January 2017

Should law conform to morality and if so what kind of morality should it conform to and why?

Stefan Molyneux on how theocracy could be libertarian and result in a minimal state:

When laws are founded on religious dogma then they tend not to multiply beyond all reason because they are limited by the fact that if the religious dogma does not ask for certain things to be enforced then it is tough to make the case that it should be. When religion is very strong, the laws tend not to multiply.

The Ten Commandments versus the Federal Registry which has hundreds and thousands of new regulations every year. 

When you get rid of the big laws, you don't end up with now laws, you end up with infinity of little laws. 

If people obey moral rules, you don't need a big government. 
If people respected the family, we wouldn't need the family court. 

If people respected property, we wouldn't need the criminal court.

Discussing whether feminism is evil with Stefan Molyneux


Dr E said...

He was much better this time

You brought out some excellent points from him. Re complexity of laws seen as a tool of oppression and free for all. Contrasted with theocracy were laws can be simpler because of the moral commitment of the population etc...

Stefan keeps blaming women, I would be more inclined to scrutinise gynocentry, men are an intrinsic part of

Claire Khaw said...

I blame the men, of course, for allowing themselves to be seduced by sluts and not being mindful of the fact that God has forbidden fornication!

Dr E said...

Absolutely, anyway stimulating conversation

Claire Khaw said...

So glad you liked it!

EW said...

Molyneux is ridiculously verbose, he's hard to listen to. You should start telling him to shut up. And I don't agree with him about the nature of the state.

Claire Khaw said...

I interrupt him a bit more this time.

Can't remember what he said about the nature of the state now.

AL said...

SM is as optimistic as utopian Marxists if he thinks anarchy will ever work. A strange man...on one hand very pleasant to listen to and with many gender ideas that match mine *but* I simply cannot agree with anarchy or his stubborn atheism. And yes, SM - philosophers have indeed found it very hard to get people to behave without religion b/c it doesn't work. I think you need religion to get most people to behave.

Was it you who suggested that religion is a "policeman in everyone's head"? Yes, true...I agree with that.

Claire Khaw said...

Yes, that came from me.

It is not even belief in God, but the rules themselves. If they are said to come from God, governments wouldn't be changing it as often as their underwear, would they? No sooner have people settled down to the new rules, they discover they are being changed, again!