Wednesday, 17 May 2017

13 themes constituting the main body of Political Correctness by Thilo Sarrazin

From 25:26 he speaks.

From 34:34 he lists his 13 Points.

  1. Inequality is bad, equality is good. 
  2. The secondary virtues like industriousness, punctuality have no particular value. Competition is morally objectionable except in sports because it promotes inequality. 
  3. The rich should feel guilty except those who have earned their money as athletes or pop stars.
  4. Different conditions of life has nothing to do with people's choices, but with the circumstances they are in. 
  5. All cultures are of equal rank and value, especially the ways and values of the Christian Occidental West. Western industrialised countries should not enjoy precedence. Those who think differently are provincial and xenophobic. 
  6. Islam is a religion of peace. Those who see any problems with immigration from Islamic countries are guilty of Islamophobia. This is is nearly as bad as antisemitism. 
  7. Western industrialised nations carry the main responsibility for poverty and backwardness and other problems in other parties of the world. 
  8. Men and women have no natural differences except for the physical signs of their sex. 
  9. Human abilities depend mainly on obtaining an education. Inherited differences play hardly any role. 
  10. There are no differences between people and races, except for the physical appearance. 
  11. A nation-state is an outdated model. National identity and peculiarities have no particular value. The national element as such is rather bad. It is at any rate not worth preserving.
  12. All people in the world do not only have equal rights, they are in fact equal. They should all be eligible for the benefits of the German welfare state. 
  13. Children are an entirely private affair. Immigration takes care of the labour market and of any other demographic problems.

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