Saturday, 13 May 2017

Religion and the Nationalist Dilemma

People who say they need proof of God's existence are hedging their bets and being commitment-averse. You simply choose to believe, or not.

You work out the advantages of believing or disbelieving. If the thought of going to heaven if you are good and going to hell if you are bad sustains you, then you would choose to believe. You may find regular prayer also sustaining.

If you choose not to believe, it is because you don't want to do what is necessary to call yourself a believer eg give up pork, refrain from sex outside marriage etc.

You may wish to believe in God and identify as Christian and be part of what you think is the dominant culture because you were born in the West, male and white, but find having to say that you believe in the absurdity of the Trinity is a lie too far.

Or you may find yourself in the position of a certain senior nationalist who claims to be Christian while rejecting the Trinity and denying he is either a Unitarian or a mere Cultural Christian. The children's game of Twister comes to mind.

You may be white and a nationalist, which usually means you resent Jews and Muslims having a higher status than you in your own land, and certainly don't want to show acceptance of their superior status by embracing their religion and in the process alienating your intimates, family, friends and associates.

And that is why you continue to pretend that you haven't made up your mind or that you are atheist.

I call myself agnostic, which is midway between belief and disbelief, which I like to think is a clever compromise.

You should certainly have made up your mind one way or another by the time you are middle aged, and to say in your 50s and 60s that you are still waiting for proof of God's existence only signifies

1) your inability to think rationally
2) your phobia of commitment
3) a lifetime of procrastination

or one, or some, or all of these attributes.

Let me be clear: feminised and liberalised Christianity has nothing at all to offer the British nationalist or any white British man because it has been infested by feminists and LGBTs smearing their progressive agenda all over the church like a lunatic smearing his faeces over the walls of his padded cell. If Christianity were not kaput, you would not be suffering the indignities of uncontrolled immigration and be disabled from complaining about it in your own land.

Let us assume you need to choose a religion and are a British nationalist who accepts that your nation needs a religion but that Christianity has failed.

There are five world religions:

1) Judaism
2) Christianity
3) Islam
4) Hinduism
5) Buddhism

You already know Christianity is kaput.

You also know that Hinduism and Buddhism are alien to your culture and history.

This leaves Judaism and Islam.

You already know Judaism has a higher entry threshold than Islam and is far far more high maintenance. Kosher is also dearer than halal.

Jews are a tribe and Judaism is for Jews only. Islam however is for everyone.

If Judaism is an exclusive club, then Islam is a political party in a one party state.

Islam has been said to be "Judaism Lite".

If this is so, Secular Koranism is "Islam Lite". Indeed, it does not even require you to believe in God, only acknowledge the following:

1) A religion promoting social conservatism, marriage and patriarchy is necessary for national survival.

2) Law should conform to morality.

3) Morality should conform to religious principles.

4) We should choose the religion whose moral principles we find the least objectionable.

You know the problem is the fact that the matriarchy established itself in your country and that you didn't notice in the way a householder might not notice that he has rising damp or dry rot, until I pointed it out to you. If you don't deal with it, it will spread to all the walls of your home and eventually cause serious damage, perhaps resulting in it being condemned and eventually demolished.

When you have eliminated the impossible, then whatever's left, however improbable, must be the answer.

Islam - in the form of Secular Koranism - must be the answer. Secular Koranism is not a belief system, but a legal system. It is a legal system in the way that EU law is a legal system that does not require you to agree with it to work within it as an EU lawyer, as long as you understand its rules and are legally qualified to practice in this field.

Let me remind you all again. It was Voltaire, not I, who said:

If God did not already exist, it would be necessary to invent Him. 

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