Monday, 29 May 2017

Why I am a white nationalist even though I am not white

I have met Jared Taylor and tried to tell him that feminism is the disease that is causing Western malaise, but he insists on going on about the low IQ and criminality of blacks. If this is so, the reason is simple: bad single parenting by never married black mothers.

Lex Dras - a black man - says It's All Mama's Fault

East Asians are smarter than whites, Taylor acknowledges. There is a reason for this. Our mothers are not mostly Slut Single Mothers and we practice family values, just like the Jews, while the whites have turned black. I have tried to say this to him a number of times after that time I met him in London, but he never acknowledged my communications.

While watching the video I was jumping up and down shouting "Don't even go there! Why don't you say this instead? Why haven't you mentioned that?"

At the end I just wanted to bang my head against my keyboard.


Is it cos I think I am white?  No, I am actually very racially aware and also conscious that I am a product of the British Empire. What I do is treat white people as if they were my people because over the years they have been very kind to me and I never felt as if I was not part of their society. Even British nationalists have been quite accepting once they got used to me, which made me think that acceptance is all about familiarity and trust.  Because I go on and on and on about the things I go on about, nationalists feel they know my brand and by extension what they imagine me to be, even if they have never met me or disagree with me about White Sharia (which I call Secular Koranism).

It is certainly ironic that out of all the political parties I have ever joined, the only party whose members I would call friends are from the BNP.

Why do I care about white people? Over the years they have been friends and lovers and family members. Also, I live in the land of white people and out of pure self interest want them and their government to sort their shit out. While some unpleasant and uneducated white people tell me to sling my hook and go back to where I came from, the fact remains that slinging my hook and going to back where I came from would be a sign of defeat. I am a fighter, not a quitter. My instinct - which I like to think is a very alpha male instinct - is to double down and stick to my guns because I just know I am right about what's wrong with Western civilisation: feminism.

Also, it would be real feather in my cap if I were to be credited with saving Western civilisation from feminism, particularly as a female and foreigner. It is after all in the West that the matriarchy is the strongest and the rottenness of the morals of the West plain to everyone else not of the West. It is in the dragon's den that the dragon is to be found, to be slain in its lair.

Why am I not famous already?

I would have my own TV chat show now if there were any justice in the West, or at the very least my own column in a national or international publication, but there is no justice in the West, is there?

This because the whole system is rigged. The only Conservative writers allowed to derive an income from their Conservatism in Britain are weak, neurotic writers like Peter Hitchens who refuses to critcise sluts for family reasons.  Roger Scruton, the only other Conservative thinker I can think of, is elderly and probably too doddery to offend and annoy his wife (who will soon be this nurse) by challenging feminism. I know some white people are angry about Katie Hopkins being sacked from LBC for suggesting that Muslims should be gassed like Jews were in Hitler's Final Solution , but she is hardly an intellectual or a philosopher, is she?

Other formerly successful white alpha males are being picked off one by one with probably false and exaggerated claims of sexual misconduct eg Max Clifford, Rolf Harris etc.

Ironically, I am actually the ideal person to lead the fight against feminism because I have no wife to offend and really don't mind if sluts won't have sex with me.

To lead the fight against feminism effectively and with authority, I need the acknowledgement and endorsement of nationalists. Only when this is done might MSM deign to acknowledge my existence. Currently, they don't even dare to mock me for fear of giving me the oxygen of publicity, because, according to them, someone like me is not supposed to exist. Because all Western journalists are libtard, they have dispensed with their journalistic integrity to report the newsworthy - and boy am I newsworthy! - and make a point of ignoring and not reporting any story that is not in harmony with their narrow libtard worldview. In short, MSM refuse to acknowledge my existence because I do not fit in with their narrative. I was nearly in a Channel 5 hatchet job on UKIP. They filmed me for 6 hours over two days, but I still ended up on the cutting room floor.

I don't think it was because I was so boring and stupid that they couldn't include me, do you? The whole idea of the UKIP hatchet job was to show UKIP supporters as social retards and weirdos, of course. They didn't want me in their documentary precisely because I did seem nice and normal, sane and articulate, capable of making my case in easy-to-remember soundbites.  That was the real reason why I was excluded.

Elevator pitch, thy name is Claire Khaw. 

But can I really be a better white nationalist than an actual white person?

I think so. I'd damn well like to try out my ideas at a really tough interview.

The trouble with white people is that they are scared of me. I have already offered to be interrogated by a panel of libtard intellectuals but my offer has been predictably ignored.  I can't even get a single white nationalist YouTuber to have a discussion with me.

Come on, white nationalist YouTubers! I really ain't that scary. I'm so stupid I can't even do my own YouTube channel to go on about White Nationalism and other related matters like feminism, slut-shaming, religion and politics and stuff.

Why don't I just have my own YouTube channel, you ask? Because I don't know how to and it would look like crap with me just droning on about this and that, taking much much longer to make my point than if you just read what I said in a tweet. I know instinctively that it would be far better if it were a dialogue.

I have been on Stefan Molyneux twice, but I suspect he didn't know who I was.

If you want to hear me wind up some libtards, you can do so at from the 26th minute

Why haven't I managed to get any nationalist to feature me on his channel?

So far I only have Mark Collett who says yes in principle, but he is too busy at the moment. Millennial Woes said he would feature me in Millenyule, his Xmas special, so that might be something to look forward to, if WW3 has not started and Western civilisation already fallen.

If you would like me on their channels, please get in touch with both of them to tell them so, so they get their skates on. There is no time to be lost, yet these youngish men behave as if they have all the time in the world for things to sort themselves out. On the one hand Millennial Woes says there will be civil war in the next ten years, on the other he is waiting till Xmas to have me on his show ...

As for the anti-feminist Liberty Belles, they want nothing to do with me believing me to be an extremist while at the same time refusing to discuss the subject of extremism with me. One of them has said she will do it with me in her own capacity, but I bet she never gets round to it. They are very boring anyway as you can see in the video below, but it is just the principle of the thing. This is the most interesting video they have ever done, interviewing Britain's only anti-feminist MP, and even that is really really boring. The trouble with women in general is their almost irredeemable mediocrity and censoriousness. The Queen Bee of the Liberty Belles is the academic Belinda Brown who is too much of a snooty Catholic to acknowledge my existence. It is she I would really like to defeat in debate about my alleged extremism, but I know is too busy pretending I don't exist.

As for the female nationalists, I imagine they are feeling intellectually intimidated and don't want to share their limelight with me. I am after all a competitor. They all talk too fast gabbling away, in most cases only having a following because they are perceived to be young and sexy by hungry and thirsty white men, not for anything they actually say or propose. Or they say they are mixed race but don't really look non-white at all. There is not a single original thinker amongst them. I have also been saying that male nationalists should not allow themselves to be distracted through fighting each other to obtain their sexual favours, for example, and must stop treating them as if their opinions mattered.

I am of course a different kettle of fish precisely I am not young and sexy and even if I were would be wearing a niqab on my YouTube channel to stop men from being distracted by my beauty to prevent them from fighting each other to win my sexual favours.

It is of course feminism that has heralded in our shallow Cult of Youth in which your opinions only matter if you are young and sexy and cool. This is why our politicians are always trying to get libtard and vacuous pop singers to endorse their idiocies.

I have no intention of showing myself because I don't want to have to do my hair or put on makeup every time I appear wondering what people will think of me for not being as young and sexy as they would like. It will just be my voice you will hear because that is what I want people to concentrate on.

When I am famous enough and MSM want to show me in my full glory, then you shall all behold me, glorious and resplendent. But you have to work to get me there.  


Thomas Baden-Riess said...

Lol! Your so funny. I feel your pain. Millennial woes also invited me to the millenyule. Don't be critical Hun, he's very busy and there are a lot of people out there all competing for airspace, though I do think that as the Asian KT Hopkins you should be given a lot more coverage than you get

Claire Khaw said...

Yes, I do know he is very busy and I shall just have to wait.

Christopher Meissner said...

Okay, this was another very solid post. ~CM

Christopher Meissner said...

Okay, this was another very solid post.