Wednesday, 21 June 2017

A matter of breeding and culture

Culture is downstream of politics.

Politics is downstream of law.

Law is downstream of morality.

Morality is downstream of religion and/or politics.

I have Australian correspondents who solemnly assure me every time the subject comes up that Australian feminists are much much nastier than feminists in other parts of the Anglosphere. It is rather like Northerners in England telling Southerners in England like me that their Muslims are much much nastier than the Muslims found in the South.

I think the problem is a matter of breeding. Australia is a nation of convicts, therefore you would expect the men to have less moral fibre than men of other nations that did not have their origins as a penal colony.

Americans are descended from pioneers, settlers and colonisers and there is more fight from them against the stinking matriarchy than in Australia, it would appear.

But even then the Americans are still terribly pussywhipped.

As for the French, well, I invite you to consider what Zhou Enlai answered when he was asked in the 1970s if the French Revolution was a good thing. He said it was too early to tell.

I trust after the 2017 French Presidential elections that we now have enough information to come to a conclusion.

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