Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Islam was meant to be an improvement on Christianity the way Christianity was meant to be an improvement on Judaism for gentiles

If Judaism is for Jews only, then Islam must be the religion gentiles must have in order to accommodate Jews and Christians without subjecting them to persecution and injustice. The Koran calls Jews and Christians "People of the Book" and acknowledges Judaism and Christianity as the foundation of Islam.

The Koran recognises that insisting on belief in Christ's divinity as a tenet of Christianity does not help Christians lead a moral life, and dispenses with it, but at the same time allowing Christians to think what they want in the matter of their Trinitarian God. The only purpose of the Christian Trinitarian God is of course to make Christians feel special, different and better to Jews and Muslims. Now Christianity has weakened and is indistinguishable from Liberalism, it must be time for Christians to question the efficacy of their faith in even promoting the Biblical principles of traditional marriage, family values and patriarchy. The West is currently beating eaten alive by the degenerate and insane policies of our feminist and parasitic matriarchy that Christianity can no longer protect the West against.

The objective truth must surely be that Christianity was based on Judaism and that Islam is a synthesis of both Judaism and Christianity, but with their vulnerabilities patched.

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