Sunday, 6 August 2017

@MGTOWisFREEDOM deliberately misunderstands me, won't let me explain so he can rant and rave on YouTube about the treachery and stupidity of women

End of discussion

Obviously, if you want more than the required number of times, you do what is called waive the breach if both parties agree.

When will your Marriage Bureau and Brokerage be up and running?

There will be an after sales service, so to speak, if things go wrong afterwards. It would be a bit like a sharia court deciding on the divorce settlement, which will be based on fault apportioned to the parties for its breakdown. Fault always starts at 50/50.

There will of course also be a Matrimonial Disputes Tribunal which I shall also set up. These will be a bit like a marriage counselling service with the express intention of discouraging a divorce and preventing family breakdown.

Do you know many women who could be good wives then?

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