Thursday, 8 March 2018

Hizb ut Tahrir, Western imperialism, Clive of India, youth offending and Merchant Taylors' College

After viewing the HT video on the Caliphate, I have the following questions for them. I do hope they will not be deliberately ignoring me because I am neither male nor Muslim. If so, that does not bode well because it smacks of male and Muslim chauvinism. Neither would it be consistent with their policy of dawah.

1.  Does Hizb ut Tahrir believe it can just abolish the nation state and live in a global Muslim village without engaging in debate with non-Muslims?

2.  Is HT confusing nationalism with Western imperialism?

3.  Is it impossible in your minds to separate nationalism from Western imperialism?

4.  First, tribes must be able to form a city-state before it can form a nation. Do you disagree?

5.  Secondly, a city-state must control its surrounding territory before it can become a nation. Do you disagree?

6.  Thirdly, a nation must be able to successfully conquer territories outside its own borders to become an empire. Do you disagree?

7.  Jews were a tribe of wandering former slaves who through following Judaism conquered enough territory to become a kingdom. Do you disagree?

8.  Islam was what first united the Arab tribes which then enabled Islamic imperialism. Do you disagree?
9.  Ummah also means nation in Arabic. Would you agree?
10.  Nationhood is a natural aspiration for all those who live in a defined piece of territory.  Would you agree?

11.  Apparently, HT are Muslims who want to abolish nation states and borders who cannot understand that uncontrolled immigration upsets the locals. Such denial and naivete is not a secure basis upon which to embark on a global Caliphate. Would you agree?

12.  HT seem to think nationalism is some wicked modern Western imperialist invention, apparently ignorant of the fact that the Jewish revolts against the Romans of the second century was also a form of nationalism. Would you confirm that this is indeed the position of HT on nationalism?

13.  We all have to start somewhere. Individuals exist in bodies, and countries as nation states. To call nationalism evil is to call the nation state evil, which makes about as much sense as denouncing individuals for necessarily existing as a physical being inhabiting a human body. Would you agree?
14.  The Ottoman Empire ended because it could not reform itself before it was dominated then divided by the European powers. Was this because the Gate of Interpretation was closed?

15.  God if He exists is a nationalist.  is conclusive evidence that God approves of nations who promote their national interest by following His laws. Would you agree?
16.  It is surely possible to defend the national interest without descending to xenophobia. Why do Muslims, like liberals and the left, assume nationalism is synonymous with evil? We all live in nation states, so why should we as loyal citizens not defend the national interest or expect our political leaders to do so?
17. is a philosophy of calling things by their proper names or things will go awry. If you mean the policies of divide and rule used by Western imperialism, call it that and don't confuse it with nationalism. Is this a subject you are prepared to discuss?
19.  Do you really think a transnational Caliphate can spontaneously come into being without first establishing an imperialistic Islamic State? If so, please explain your reasoning.

20.  Have you considered putting it to nationalists and imperialists that running their governments under a one party theocracy would be in the national interest as well as good for Western imperialism and world peace?

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