Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Questions for Muslim thinkers

  1. Do Muslims suffer because they do not follow the Koran correctly?
  2. Why don't Muslims follow the Koran correctly?
  3. What would make Muslims follow the Koran correctly?
  4. If Islam is so great, why are Muslim countries not better governed than liberal democracies whose laws go against Islamic principles, eg the normalisation of the fornication, divorce, single motherhood, the civil partnership and gay marriage, usury etc? 
  5. Does bad government policy cause terrorism?
  6. If Muslims as individuals cannot follow the Koran correctly, should their government on their behalves establish a theocracy ie a government that will enact Koranic laws that would make  the majority of members of that society lead an Islamic lifestyle?  
  7. How can Muslims in the West peacefully persuade Western Islamophobes that a theocracy would be better for them than their obviously failing liberal democracy?  
  8. Would pointing out the failures of liberal democracy assist Muslims in persuading Western Islamophobes that it is time to establish a theocracy in order to restore the patriarchy?  
  9. Would Islam deal with the disease of the mind that is feminism once and for all if followed correctly?
  10. Is feminism the evil that Muslims ought to forbid because it has normalised fornication, unmarried parenthood, child abandonment, underage sex, bastardy, juvenile delinquency and the phenomenon of unmarriageable and unemployable criminal men from the lower classes who have virtually no hope of gainful employment because of their background and upbringing?
  11. Is a flat rate income tax of 20% supported by the Koran? 
  12. Could the prospect of capital and corporal punishment that the Koran approves of in principle deal with criminality in the West more cheaply?
  13. Is the most effective non-lethal way of shaming fornicating immoral women and the immoral men who have sex with them who then go on to become the unmarried parents of children they will abandon into the care system who will become victims of child sexual abuse?
  14. Would the banning of usury curtail Jewish power?
  15. Would a more Islamic Western foreign policy provoke less terrorism? 
  16. If we abolish usury, we could default on our debts, couldn't we?
  17. Do Jews get themselves into practising usury provoking the antisemitism they are always complaining about?
  18. Would it be a good thing for Jews if usury were banned because that would stop them getting into trouble with the gentile provoking the antisemitism they are always suffering and complaining about? 
  19. Should Jews be promoting Islam because it is conformity with the Noahide laws that they should be promoting?
  20. Is Christianity idolatrous?
  21. Is Islam less restrictive than Orthodox Judaism?

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