Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Khavian Vision of a Khavian Britain

  1. Conduct public executions of rioters to attract tourists to watch our superior facilities and superior executions from all over the world.
  2. Legalise brothels as a job creation scheme for slut single mums after repealing anti-discrimination legislation (ie the Equality Act).
  3. Broadcast on TV on a pay per view basis public executions.
  4. Establish The Games so that bastard spawn of slut single mums can participate in gladiatorial combat to be held in football and sports stadia nationwide.
  5. Public executions to be held on village greens and town squares viewable from pub premises will be pleasing to breweries and publicans.  (A selection of methods will be available, eg beheadings by the sword and using the guillotine, gallows, stocks, pillory etc.  It is contemplated that crucifixion be used for especially evil liberal warmongers.)
  6. Citizens' militia to keep order on British streets including fining drunken pedestrians
  7. Many public and televised executions could be turned into drama documentaries, chat shows and game shows.   
  8. Corporal punishment can be commercialised and monetised by throwing missiles at convicted criminals and charging people to throw these missiles at them, paying per missile.   These missiles will be crafted to cause significant non-lethal pain and suffering.  Proceeds of missiles would go to both victims of crime and the government.  
  9. Reintroduce slavery to sell criminal bastards and sluts single mums abroad.  This will give them a chance to see the world, extend their horizons, learn another language and even turn over a new leaf.  
  10. Instead of Social Workers (who would be abolished) we would have Slave Visitors to see that slaves are not routinely abused.  (Another job creation scheme.)
  11. Ownership of the slaves will vest in the state who will hire out these slaves as cheap labour to employers who are forbidden to abuse or damage government property, both in this country and abroad.  
  12. A state channel will be created exclusively for state propaganda purposes.  (Non-state channels will be allowed to exist.)
  13. A state newspaper will be published (both broadsheet and tabloid) exclusively for state propaganda purposes.  (Non-state publications will be permitted to exist.)
This list may be added to as and when more ideas come to me.

If the above are considered too radical, I have a watered-down version below:

  1. repeal the Equality Act
  2.  repeal the European Communities Act
  3. repeal the Human Rights Act
  4. repeal the Abolition of the Death Penalty Act
  5. split up and sell off the BBC
  6. abolish the aggravated offence against PC protected groups
  7. make it a requirement to have a marriage contract before people can get married.
  8. abolish Inheritance Tax
  9. abolish the civil partnership 
  10. abolish gay marriage
  11. abolish no-fault divorce
  12. make it a constitutional right not to have a flat rate income tax of higher than 20%

Last but not least, we must reassert the principle of treating the accused as innocent till proven guilty after a fair trial, which we are all losing sight of in midst the media-manufactured paedo-hysteria that the nation is currently being overwhelmed by. explains a little more.




Adolfo said...

The BBC would produce Britain's Got Mutineer. A reality show in which Louis Theroux would be locked with a number of mutineers in jail in the week previous to their execution to a guillotine... Wait a minute, isn't this too French? A shot in the hand looks more proper to me. The Britons would get to know how these mutineers had a terrible childhood and youth in a broken home, among drugs, violence and the music of the Culture Club, The Spice Girls and Iggy Pop. Once executed, the mutineer's organs (eyes, heart, kidneys, liver, skin, etc.) would be auctioned and the money would be used for community improvements. The Show would open with footage of the riots and Enoch Powell's (in)famous speech 'Rivers of Blood' in off.

Anonymous said...

Nearly choked on my morning cuppa.

Claire Khaw said...

Did you prefer the watered-down version then?

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