Friday, 19 February 2021

If Louis XVI had been a Caliph governing France properly, there would have been no French Revolution

Alternate history
1:00  Liberalism
2:00  French Revolution

3:00  A Caliph is a constitutional dictator which is better than having an absolute monarch. 

4:00  Time travel
5:00  Louis XVI
11:00  Louis Philippe
14:00  An Islamic war party

15:00  The American Republic - the exceptional (exceptional because of its its conception) and indispensable nation (indispensable to the Islamic narrative of being an Islamic city on a hill) - was conceptually more Islamic than Christian. 

18:00  America - a nation conceived in theory. 

19:00  Whose liberty to do what to whom?

21:00  Class distinctions, social mobility and income inequality

22:00  Implicit in the concept of the republic is the idea of meritocracy since you don't have to be monarch to be the national leader in a republic. 

23:00  The nature and purpose of the ruling class aristocracy

A one-party state

24:00  Equality before the law
25:00  In a matriarchy, nothing is fit for purpose.
26:00  Even absolute monarchs need to know how they are doing or they might lose their head. 

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