Monday, 2 November 2009

Career Advice for Beleaguered MPs and a Blueprint for a British Revolution

These MPs should make a pact to join both the BNP and UKIP, and strive towards achieving a merger. This new party - called the British National Independence Party ("The B-NIPs" for short) - should then replace the LibDems as the Third Party of British politics.

The British would then get a referendum on the EU, which Labour and Tory have conspired to prevent for so many decades.

This should mean that the British people could be a step closer to enjoying commonsense government, or a disruptive but regrettably overdue British Revolution, or a Civil War, and even an Islamic Revolution, which should clear the air a little.

After half a century of liberal ideology, the nation is in desperate need for a spring clean and an ideological clear-out.

These MPs have after all nothing left to lose but their seats and their jobs. They might as well go out with a bang rather than a whimper and become the revolutionary B-Nippers of tomorrow, if they have the stomach for this thing, which they probably won't ....

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