Thursday, 3 December 2009

How slavery could have been reintroduced by stealth if I had been in charge

If the government had just let the banks crash, but protected people's bank accounts and nationalised people's mortgaged homes whose owners could not afford to keep up their payments, the government could have become the ex-home-owner's landlord and asked him to do all sorts of things for the government on the cheap or else lose his tied cottage and be sent to a workhouse. Indentured labour would have been thus established.

It would have been a good way of reintroducing slavery by necessity.

Sole women ex-home owners in negative equity unable to meet their payments could become prostitutes to work off their debt more quickly in the superbrothels that Lord Mandelson would establish, despite the objections of Harriet the Harridan.

The men could be asked to do useful work in the community or enter the trade of servicing women who desire the experience of their manhood.

Methinks a great opportunity was sadly missed.

What a shame I am not in charge!

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