Monday, 7 February 2011

Are white girls easy meat, asks Andrew Gilligan, but is too frightened to answer.

Googled "white sluts" to gather the majority view of what this means.  Strangely and sadly, the link that came top was about them liking big black cock.

The subtext would appear to be that white women are sex mad and cock crazy.

This is apropos of earlier posts discussing whether white girls are in fact easy meat as Pakistani-Britons are said to think they are, and what, if anything, should be done about it. 

Andrew Gilligan asks the question but does not quite dare answer it.

It is of course the elephant in the room.


Anonymous said...

I have the boot polish out now since I am white and must be doing something wrong.

Claire Khaw said...

We are talking about the origins of the decline of the West, not about race. My theory is that it is all to do with sexual morality. The more extra-marital sex we have the worse the quality of the next generation.

Anonymous said...

Crikey, where did you leave your sense of humour behind today?

Another View said...

The answer is yes. It is just one of the benefits of years of liberalism & feminism.

In other cultures (and as used to be the case in ours) women are protected and controlled. Remove all that and women are fair game for any predator. We should not be shocked that men act like men when confronted with free and available women. We should be shocked that the families of these women don't give a damn about their own females.