Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Eurosceptic parties and electoral reform

What a shame BNP and UKIP have not been able to suggest anything sensible as regards electoral reform when it is so clearly the electoral system that disadvantages them.

If only I could lead one or other of these parties, everything would be quickly sorted.  But British politics is never that rational and simple, is it?

My ideas are laughably simple:

  1. direct democracy AKA government by referenda
  2. a narrower franchise of taxpayer-only voters under the rule of No Representation Without Taxation to disenfranchise single mothers who are a burden on the state and any unproductive and unemployable offspring they produce
  3. a one-party state with a party constitution that protects the free speech of its members - which means that members can criticise the leadership without being demoted, suspended, or expelled from the party

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