Friday, 18 February 2011

Islam more advanced than liberalism

Do liberals have an agreed book of liberalism?  No.  Even the Marxists have the Communist Manifesto and an agreed set of principles.

Even the National Socialists had Mein Kampf.

Did you know that the Roman plebeians asked for their laws to be carved in stone in the forum so that they would know their rights, and this was indeed done?

Islam is the only religion that frankly admits that the difference between religion and politics is a distinction without a difference.

An objectionable law is an objectionable law, whether it is passed by a government that calls itself liberal or whether it calls itself a theocracy.

It seems obvious that  we should examine any law we find objectionable on the grounds of rationality v irrationality, good v evil, practicability v its opposite.

This obvious solution is for some reason rocket science to liberals (who have stupidity, intransigence, ignorance and arrogance bred into them after decades of being indoctrinated by decades of "progressive" education) who quake in terror at the thought of a theocracy or a one-party state.  They are the ones who cry most hysterically "four legs good! two legs bad!" apparently oblivious to the fact that the political cartel - the political oligarchy that rules them have long since emptied the contents of the bottles with labels saying "Liberalism", "Conservatism" and "Socialism", homogenised them and poured them back into their respective bottles.

Only the most wilfully blind cannot and will not see this.

Feminism - an unnatural mutation of liberalism and a manifestation of the liberal death wish - is now the ruling ideology.  Notice how no one at all dares to challenge feminism, except the Muslims.  In Britain, you can lose your job if you say anything at work that a woman might find offensive as Andy Graham and Richard Keys found to their cost.  You would have thought that some men might object, but it is the white liberal middle classes journalists who are too afraid to point this out, so feminised are they now.

The only way feminism can be sustained is through enormous state intervention (through the existence of totalitarian liberal anti-discrimination laws) and welfare support (sluts, slags and slappers are given child benefit at taxpayers' expense for breeding bastards).

Does liberalism have an authoritative handbook or a set of rules?  No, they make it up as they go along.

Does Islam?  Yes, even though the Muslims have difficulties interpreting it properly, but I can help sort them out.

res ipsa loquitur.  


Anonymous said...

The paedophile prophet of Islam, Muhammad, welcomes your support of his book.

Claire Khaw said...

You speak in the present tense, as if you believe he is still alive, which is rather odd.