Saturday, 23 April 2011

Conclusive sign that Western leaders don't know what they are doing

When France and Britain decided to bomb Libya, did they really not see that a flood of refugees from Africa to Europe would be inevitable, strengthening the support for nationalist and anti-immigrant parties?

If they did not, they must have been warned, one would have thought.

If they had been warned, why did they not listen?

Is it cos they have shit for brains because they are the political establishment in a demented matriarchy and have a compulsion to keep doing mad and silly things?

Bombing Libya is not really a foreign policy objective, it is just a manifestation of a compulsion to intervene, just like one may have a compulsion to masturbate, shop, drink, take drugs or gamble.

I certainly saw it coming and offer my services to this benighted country to be Dictator of Britain so that it may once again have a rational domestic and foreign policy.

Other candidates should also offer themselves too, of course, and we could be elected by SMS and AV.

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