Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Man's Greatest Achievement is the Creation of God

The only thing that distinguishes Man from lower animals is our ability to reason better than they how best to obtain pleasure and avoid pain in the long term. It was after all Man who created God and the institution of marriage. That must be Man's greatest achievement of all time.

God was created through an act of thinking, when Man conceived of a being that is unique, omnipotent and omniscient - a supreme being.

Having created God in his mind, by an act of thinking, Man simply started behaving as if God existed, Pygmalion-like, in just the same way a troubled child is encouraged by a child psychologist to have an imaginary friend.  That was how God came into existence.

Lust is a deadly sin when we have extra-marital sex, yet is instantly converted into something good and godly if we are married.   It has all the mysteries of transubstantiation yet can be explained quite simply.

If you are a woman, it is much easier to get a man to have sex with you than it is to get him to marry you.

Woman, do not take the easy way out and misuse the sexual instinct to prove - exactly what?  That a man will have sex with you because you are not smelly, old, repulsive or diseased?

Let us therefore use this instrument of good government that is God to obtain pleasure and avoid pain in the long term.   

Most of us are not saints and philosophers and do not care about the long term if the short term beckons with promises of pleasure.  Most of us are therefore like lower animals, and will not change our behaviour except through fear and pain.  Only a general belief in an omnipotent and omniscient God will make these lower human beings do the right thing therefore.  God is after all cheaper than CCTV and less intrusive than thoughtcrime laws.

Let us have the humility once again to pick up this much-used and much-abused Instrument of Good Government and vow to try harder and do better this time.

Liberals have their own priesthood too, do they not?  They have their own - dread word - theocracy, ie their  people who have the power to initiate, pass and enforce laws and also start wars that kill and torture people for unfair, irrational and unkind reasons.

Liberals believe in Free Love which would lead to a matriarchy, ie a society that condones female promiscuity.   Female promiscuity is logically, biologically and inevitably the facilitator of male promiscuity.

Anti-liberals (who believe that God serves the purpose of assisting us in our government, morality and spirituality) believe that a patriarchy which condones male promiscuity is the lesser evil, and those in charge of the ship of state always have a duty to choose the lesser evil in the long term.

The reason they do not is because our political system and political establishment is now infected by matriarchal dementia.

If the matriarchal dementia we are now suffering from is terminal and irreversible then the patient should at least know what he is dying of. 

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