Thursday, 2 June 2011

My strategy for the General Election: BNP and UKIP to campaign under a JOINT manifesto

UKIP manifesto

BNP manifesto
1. The responsible voter should vote for the party with the most policies they agree with. If they don't know what party has the policies they most agree with and cannot be bothered to find out, they should just stay out of politics because they are too stupid to vote.

2. Those who intend to vote BNP or UKIP as a protest vote against the LibLabCon should vote for the BNP or UKIP candidate most likely to get the most votes.

There. Not too complicated, is it?

Those who agree with my strategy should start discussing it with as many people as possible.

Those who want to take this further, and want BNP-UKIP to merge should discuss it amongst themselves as much as possible.

Believe me, it is the only way forward and  CAN BE DONE.

All BNP and UKIP have to do for the next General Election is to come to an arrangement to campaign under a JOINT manifesto.


The BNP-UKIP Joint Manifesto would promise to have a referendum on

1. whether to withdraw from the EU; and

2. whether to adopt BNP or UKIP policies where they differ

Beautifully simple, is it not?

Further arguments for BNP-UKIP merger (sent to me by SMS):

  1. UKIP did very poorly in recent council elections and gained only FOUR seats though they fielded 1217 candidates.  Despite being BNP in Oldham/Barnsley by elections this year, UKIP seem to have returned to pattern of being irrelevant in local elections in between  Euro elections.
  2. Economic differences between BNP and UKIP may have been exaggerated.  Both would want to put Britain first and a discussion about policies could take place inside the same party.  Both have similar views on the EU, immigration and foreign aid.
  3. Both parties badly need to refresh their public image.  Neither are really doing well. 

This is not exactly a new idea either and has been doing the rounds for years.

If you really really want to leave the EU as soon as possible you should discuss this with as many people as possible.

If you are not tired of wasting your time, energy and money getting people to vote for a party that you know will be useless about leaving the EU, then you must carry on as before, of course.

If you are afraid of being called racist and think you will die the moment you are accused, then of course you must steer well clear of this frightening proposal.

If you are a party leader and doing OK and earning a nice income out of being leader of your own party and don't wish to share your toys and your soldiers, then of course you will HATE this idea.

People who are not doing this for fun and want to get somewhere before the EU implodes will love the strength and simplicity of this idea.

Stupid scared people will not, of course, and there are sadly too many people like that in and out of politics.


    Mike Smith said...

    Don't kid yourself. This is not going to happen!
    BNP is drowning in its own slime and UKIP certainly isn't going to throw it a life belt.

    Claire Khaw said...

    Both parties are kidding themselves if they think they can fight the LibLabCon on their own.

    There is nothing wrong with my plan except that the UKIP and BNP leaders want to be leader of their own party, whether or not they are up to the job of challenging the LibLabCon.

    It would appear then that both are in the business of making empty gestures.

    Olly said...

    This is nonsense, UKIP are centre right with libertarian tendencies
    BNP are left wing authoritarians

    UKIP gets votes based on its manifesto pledges, not purely as some protest

    If UKIP joined with the BNP it would seriously lower its potential to be elected

    Fundementally the BNP is racist, and that is unacceptable

    Claire Khaw said...

    People know that BNP and UKIP are both Eurosceptic.

    So, logically, they should co-operate in order to leave the EU and sort out their policy differences at the same time.

    If I am not afraid of the BNP then I fail to see why anyone should be.

    I am also pretty certain that when people come to vote on the EU *and* BNP or UKIP policies *at the same time*, more will vote for UKIP policies.

    It is therefore a win-win situation for UKIP and for parents who want grammar schools.

    Too bad they are too frightened of being called racist to use this idea.

    The only objections I have heard so far is "The BNP are racist and we will be called racist too if we have anything to do with them."

    Contemptible and pathetic.

    Everyone is a bit racist in just the same way that everyone can be a bit silly and mad sometimes.

    Greg_L-W. said...


    As a long term supporter of UKIP hoping to see it cleaned up and a competent leader found:

    I wouldn't vote BNP if my life depended on it - My principles are not for sale, at any price and I utterly despise the racist, extremist anti British unpatriotic, anti homosexual, anti Jewish BNP - Even the vile EU would be a better option!

    Drown alone in your own squalor.


    Claire Khaw said...

    Is Greg L-W the Voice of UKIP? It would appear so

    Greg_L-W. said...


    I have a feeling many of the members would agree with me as a long term supporter but my opposition to the corruption, lies and self serving racist extremism of the leadership and its paid parasites might find that difficult for their tiny brains to cope with.

    Follow my Twitter Greg_L-W and my blogs - start with:

    you may thus start to play catch-up!