Friday, 10 June 2011

UKIP's mental block about my BNP-UKIP Joint Manifesto idea may be unblocked by sex with Nigel Farage

How can I unblock this collective mental block caused by cowardice and hypocrisy induced by UKIP activists' fear of being called racist?

Would offering to have sex with Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP work?

Many men think I am very dangerous indeed, with mating habits similar to the Black Widow spider, who immediately starts chewing on the head of the male after he has had his orgasm.  It would literally be an experience to die for.  

In the case of Nigel, I will let him survive, for I wish him to explain my very simple idea to his membership and commend it to them before the next General Election.

Here it is again:

"The BNP-UKIP Joint Manifesto would promise to have a referendum on

1. whether to withdraw from the EU; and

2. whether to adopt BNP or UKIP policies where they differ"

This means that neither BNP nor UKIP have to compromise on policies.

This means the Eurosceptic movement will finally gain momentum at last.

It is the only way out of the EU, and UKIP have no better ideas anyway.  

I cannot decide whether UKIP members are pretending to understand my idea when they have not, or are pretending not to understand it when they do. 

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