Tuesday, 7 June 2011

What the Eurosceptic parties need to do: START A NATIONAL DEBATE

The Eurosceptic parties should be talking about things like
  1. fewer laws
  2. lower taxes
  3. grammar schools AKA selective/traditional education
  4. single sex secondary state schools
  5. reintroducing fault into divorce
  6. family values supported by marriage
  7. stigmatising never married single mothers 
  8. the condign punishment of criminals (corporal and capital punishment)
  9. repealing totalitarian liberal anti-discrimination THOUGHTCRIME legislation
  10. withdrawing from the European Convention of Human Rights (an extremist liberal cabal)
  11. repealing the Human Rights Act
  12. distancing itself from Israel and America and moving closer to China and Russia
  13. ending all liberal interventionism and aggression in Afraqbya
  14. questioning the reasons why the LibLabCon are so obsessed by Overseas Aid when they know it cannot possibly win them any votes
  15. responsible borrowing and lending by the individual and the government and examining the reasons for the Koranic prohibition against usury whose purpose is to prevent the boom-bust cycle 
  16. a stable currency and the pound that keeps its value in your pocket (connected to an honest and responsible fiscal policy) so you don't have to gamble with your savings
  17. a return to Pounds Shillings and Pence so that British children will at least learn their times tables again
  18. disestablishing the Church of England because they are no longer fit for purpose and are infested by feminists, extremist liberals, socialists and Communists 
  19. questioning and challenging the pernicious effects of feminism
  20. legalising prostitution so that single mothers can support themselves without looking to the overburdened taxpayer
  21. abolishing the BBC licence fee so non-liberals no longer have to pay for liberal propaganda
  22. saving the the public house from closure and preventing the liberal establishment from completely abolishing free speech 

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