Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Debunking ethno-nationalism once and for all

Taken to its logical conclusion, ethno-nationalism would mean repatriating Americans, Australians and New Zealanders back to where they came from.

Those who nevertheless insist that ethno-nationalism is moral and practicable would be reduced to saying possession is nine points of the law and that might is right. 

So give it up now, OK?

Civic nationalism is therefore logically and morally the only way forward because that would enable us all to rub along better with each other.

Nationalism is the ideology of pragmatic national interest that will cherry pick available ideologies for the long term good of the nation. 

I would define the national interest as a judicious balance of the conflicting interests of the various groups of people in that nation. 

Age, gender, class, wealth, race, religion, marital status would be the main reasons why our interests might conflict with each other.

Nationhood comes into being when a group of people under agreed criteria include each other as that part of the group in a way that transcends tribe, race and geography.

The Islamic concept of "ummah" (the Muslim version of Christendom) expresses this abstract concept perfectly.  You are one of the gang if you subscribe to certain core principles of the group.

I am a nationalist in the sense that I feel that the nation is the largest viable grouping that is big enough to matter and small enough to care about us as individuals.  I however reject all racial considerations as a reason for excluding anyone. 

I am even a white nationalist in the sense that I want good things for the white people of Britain, who are tragically most infected and affected by the dementia of liberalism and feminism.

The only antidote to the poison of feminism and liberalism is that of free speech and the promotion of family values supported by marriage.  Unfortunately, such is the sickness that has entered into the hearts and minds of white people that they reject the very things that would save them, preferring to return to their addiction to cheap sex, easy women, drugs, drink, welfare dependency and denial.

Cheap sex and easy women cause widespread illegitimacy, family breakdown and single parenthood, reducing the quality of the national gene pool, progressively increasing the burden on the taxpayer and the productive.   Not only that, it lowers the morals and educational standards of the entire nation, which will soon turn the white race into an inferior race.

There are many in the nationalist movement who would rather have the weeds of ethno-nationalism than the fruits of civic nationalism. It is therefore now time for the civic nationalist movement to have this debate and win it.  The Eurosceptic parties would be ideally placed to organise and hold such a debate, to settle this question once and for all, so we can all move on. 

Many BNP policies are popular, even amongst the ethnic minorities who are understandably inhibited from voting for the BNP because they don't want to be seen as turkeys voting for Xmas. 

The pity of it is that most BNP policies are sensible policies which are invariably discredited by the behaviour and attitudes of its dinosaur members who are on the one hand supporting female promiscuity (at the expense of family values supported by marriage) and on the other insisting on racial exclusion - a recipe for failure, defeat and extinction.

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