Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Why Hitler despised Christianity and was probably sympathetic to Islam

Hitler post mortem has given the Jews the means by which to hang themselves. He didn't think much of Christianity and believed that it would die if ignored.

I believe that Hitler found Islam appealing. Napoleon carried the Koran with him for guidance and inspiration, and so too did Lawrence of Arabia. It is already clear that Nietzsche was right that Christianity is the religion for women and slaves. This is because most Christians are cowards and hypocrites, who dare not forbid what is evil, hiding under the cloak of what they think is mercy, compassion and tolerance, but which is nothing more than a disguise for inaction, hypocrisy and cowardice.

Women wish to wound but are afraid to strike, women wish the ends but not the means, but Western man is now hopelessly feminised and liberalised.  They have been conditioned to be as cowardly, vindictive and as hypocritical as women because in the West now you gain more privileges the more pathetic, stupid, weak and feckless you are.

The Jews have adopted the ways of a manipulative woman as they necessarily must do because they remain a minority and have not the strength of numbers, and thrive on promoting Christian European guilt.  (It is after all true that belief in totalitarian Trinitarian Christianity - the belief that if you didn't believe Christ is God you would go to hell - made Christians behave in a totally crazy way when they did taken their religion seriously.)

Jews recommend liberalism to the gentile in the same way that a wife who wants to kill her husband would ply him with cream while declining to partake, saying she must watch her figure.  She would not go so far as to poison him, but killing him with cream would be quite acceptable to her conscience.

But for Hitler, there would be no State of Israel.  Israel is therefore a poisoned chalice bequeathed to the Jews from Hitler, by Hitler from beyond the grave.  This post mortem gift from Hitler to the Jews will result in what Hitler predicted would happen:

  1. The discrediting of International Jewry and their motives when they recommend another dose of liberal poison chief of which is Keynsian economic policy of spend and gamble with money you do not have, doubling your money until you go bust..
  2. The death of Christianity, which is not fit for the purpose of promoting social cohesion, nor that of enjoining good and forbidding evil.  If ignored it will eventually die, Hitler predicted.

Islam would then move into the vacuum.

The writing is on the wall, but only the wise can decipher it.

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