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Carlos Cortiglia's maiden speech as 2012 BNP London Mayoral Candidate AKA the role of the Foreigner in Nationalist Politics

The speech was made on Thursday 22 September 2011.

It was, I was surprised and delighted to report, impressively statesmanlike.  

He began by addressing the accusations of him not supporting the right side in the Falklands War.  The reasons were convoluted and complicated, and the accusations are a "complete fabrication".  

I am myself not bothered either way.  At the time of the Falklands War, Carlos was not a British citizen, but lived in Uruguay and was an Uruguayan citizen.  

Supporting all the wars Britain involves itself in is not conclusive of loyalty, and opposing the last three wars is not conclusive of disloyalty either.

There are many racial nationalists who consider that WW2 should not have been fought.  This is not evidence of their disloyaly either, since many of them regard themselves as patriots and nationalists, or even national socialists.  Anti-Semitism is not conclusive of being a traitor to one's country.  It only shows that one does not accept the liberal narrative of history.  

Doubtless people in South America would have a quite different view towards the Falklands than the British and our perspective is coloured by where we live, whom we identify with, and a certain view of where our best interests lie.   

As a Civic Nationalist who feels that Civic Nationalism alone is enough to give Ethno Nationalists what they want, I am really not bothered about which side Carlos supported.  Britain won the Falklands War, and there may be another one soon when the Argies attack the Falklands again after realising that this country has expended its military resources on pointless wars in Afraqbya and can no longer defend its own territories or expect assistance from the Americans, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it, and know whom to blame.

Carlos praised Baroness Flather who courageously pointed out how the Bangladeshi and Pakistani community was milking the British system by coming here, having lots of babies as single mothers (for women under polygamous marriages are treated as single mothers by the welfare system) at the expense of the British taxpayer.  He praised her for saying what few indigenous and white politicians dare not say.

Below are my notes of his speech.

"I admire her [Baroness Flather] very much and made a programme about her."  (I have no details on this.)

"My role in the party is not as a personality but as a teamplayer."

He said that he bears me (who was expelled by the party for making comments found "unacceptable" to the party concerning the disabled on the Victoria Derbyshire Show) no personal animosity.  "Claire Khaw is not the enemy.  Eddy Butler and Andrew Brons are not the enemy.   We must keep talking.  We have a mission.  Divided we fall, united we have a chance."

"England expects that every man will do his duty."

"We will always have financial problems because we are not the established parties and even they have financial problems too."

"We are simple, ordinary, honest people ... "

"The Labour Party has offshore accounts ... "

"If we do not know anything [about managing our finances] we will learn."

"One of my favourite people in the BNP is Richard Edmonds."

"Bob Gertner is a man.  He built Croydon branch."

"I respect my BNP people."

He also praised Richard Barnbrook and attributed the party's success in Barking to his energy.  Sadly, he no longer takes the party whip after falling out with the party.  "If there is one regret it is to see what happened to Richard Barnbook. He did not sit down.  He made us deliver all the leaflets in the face of tiredness and despair."

"Many are our comrades even if we do not know it."

He mentioned the other failed mayoral candidates:

Michael Barnbrook is an "excellent candidate" but is too critical of the leader.

Jeffrey Marshall is known for making similar comments to me about disabled children.

Carlos writes for the Jewish Chronicle.  That was news to me.

"We will give the media a run for their money.  That is my mission."

I bear Carlos no animosity.   We political animals are a strange mixture of pride and humility, egotism and self-abnegation, wisdom and folly, and we acquire triumph and failure in different proportions depending, really, in our preparedness to carry on forgiving our critics and making friends of our enemies.  

When I entered the room, I was greeted with a jocular "Uh oh.  Here comes trouble."

When Carlos and I clocked each other we both nodded at each other in acknowledgement.

When he said "Claire Khaw is not the enemy", I smiled and nodded my appreciation.

When he finished his speech and came over to shake my hand, I found myself saying "I support you, Carlos."

His message of reconciliation is much needed in the circle of indigenous nationalists. Perhaps if we foreigners are the peacemakers amongst the fighting and fractious natives, then our contribution to nationalism in this country will become clearer and perhaps more generally appreciated amongst the ethno-nationalists who think we should not be in this country, let alone in their party.

For my part, I only wish to point out by my part, as frequently and as loudly as I can, that many of BNP policies are popular with non-whites whose instincts are culturally and rationally non-liberal and patriarchal.  

What the nationalist movement needs to do is to not make us feel we are turkeys voting for Xmas and pretend that all non-whites like liberal policies.   The Muslims are especially disgusted by liberal degeneracy that the liberal political establishment either deliberately promote or dare not condone, but dare not be seen to bite the hand that feeds them.  

By making reaching out to non-white British citizens, and getting more non-white British citizens and foreigners to support the BNP in public, it would make it more likely for the lily-livered indigenous liberal middle class brain-washed whites to get over their fear of voting for a party with a reputation for being racist.

BNP policies remain the most sensible in the land.  It is just unfortunate that those who support it are the equivalent of rough peasants, who know they are right, refuse to shut up when they are abused and intimidated by the liberal elite, but do not have the education and social skills to convey their message in a more appealing way.

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