Monday, 14 November 2011

My to do list for drawing a line under the failures of liberalism by the next election

  1. Form a party with the stated intention of merging the Eurosceptic parties and concentrating the Eurosceptic vote so that Muscular Euroscepticism can at last be implemented.
  2. Challenge Feminism.  While this appears a little frightening, my strategy  is based on the very sound one of dividing voters along gender lines.   Once voters are divided between men and women, there can surely be no excuse for even the current lot of effeminate degenerate men to win the argument against the current lot of sluttish and degenerate women.  I tell you it can be done, and should certainly be attempted.      
  3. Propose a one-party state in which the rights of MPs are protected from the leader and his cronies as proposed by Peter Bone MP's House of Commons (Disqualification) Bill.
  4. Propose government by consultation and referenda.
  5. Propose the narrowing of the franchise to only taxpayers who pay a minimum of tax in order  to disenfranchise Slut Single Mums, welfare scroungers and the unproductive.  
  6. Propose a 20% flat rate income tax along the lines set out in
  7. Propose the end of usury and pioneer an Islamic banking system that does not encourage irresponsible lending and borrowing by both governments and individuals.  (John Tyndall's chapter BEYOND CAPITALISM AND SOCIALISM in THE ELEVENTH HOUR has given me a few ideas, which I propose to try out once the current system implodes.)

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