Monday, 9 January 2012

Orwell Prize a left-wing cabal who are not even bothering to keep up the appearance of impartiality this year

I don't know why I didn't complain earlier because I  had noticed before that the 2012 judges for the Orwell Prize for blogging are both of the Left.  That was  probably because I already knew years ago that the Orwell Prize was just a Left Liberal cabal.

Nobody cares about someone they have never heard of and no unknown anti-feminist anti-liberal blogger will ever become known if the Orwell Prize for blogging judges conspire to ignore and censor them.   Notice they have never ever awarded the blogging prize to a right-wing blogger.

The Orwell Prize:

is regarded as the pre-eminent British prize for political writing.  In each case, the winner is the short-listed entry which comes closest to George Orwell's own ambition to 'make political writing into an art'. but it should be noted that a Liberal Left cabal have now made it their own so that they can now arrogantly and corruptly dictate the terms of political discourse.  This year, they are not even attempting to seem impartial.


I started work for the Labour party as the Northern region press officer in 2000. After the 2001 election I moved to Party HQ, before becoming the head of campaigns at the Parliamentary Labour Party.


She blocked me from following her tweets a while back.

There is therefore no attempt this year at even attempting to appear impartial.

Today, Suzanne tweeted at!/suzanne_moore:

suzanne_moore suzanne moore
@gabyhinsliff @LouiseMensch @WeAreBrightBlue just to let you know have encountered Claire Khaw before. She is BNP. Block.

suzanne_moore suzanne moore
@LouiseMensch @gabyhinsliff @WeAreBrightBlue god she is persistent. Agent for BNP in Tower Hamlets.

I don't think I will be chosen this year, however well I have turned "political writing into an art", do you?

By the way, Suzanne, there is no point deleting your tweets, because I have already forwarded the screenshot to Gavin Freegard.

A description of Modern Liberals by Robert Henderson:

The unpleasant truth (for liberals) is that modern liberals, far from being interested in truth and fairness and  treating all human beings alike, are just like every other human being: they favour those they approve of and attack those they deem beyond the Pale.  In fact, liberals today are more likely to behave viciously towards those of whom they disapprove than the general run of Britons because they are rigid ideologues and like all ideologues they carry their beliefs to any length of sinister absurdity.

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