Thursday, 8 March 2012

Keith Allen meets Nick Griffin

The reason why Nick Griffin is unassailable as leader of the BNP is because he is a PUBLIC SCHOOL BOY and the rest of them are lower class oiks too frightened to question his authority.  They also mostly have reading difficulties and are in any case not given a copy of the 92 page constitution to assert what rights they have.

Poor old Eddy Butler - he was the ex National Organiser who was expelled for daring to question the Chairman and has now become an English Democrats.  He was only a grammar school boy and does not have the quality of being able to appear affable.   "Unclubbable" is a word that comes to mind.

I will just mention that, like Nick Griffin, I did go to an all-girls independent school too.

Throughout Europe, proposals to limit immigration from the developing world to highly skilled foreigners have been floated in debate. It seems that Europe has decided that it wants to do something about this perceived problem, but is unwilling to do the one thing that would resolve the long-term demographic situation in a manner that would benefit both native Europeans and immigrants: reproduce.

Cos the pussies in government and the BNP are too afraid of upsetting the feminazis, and their slut and bastard running dogs.

Today Nick Griffin MEP sent an email asking BNP supporters to "save our fish".

Contemptible, is it not?

But his position is unassailable. He is the only public school man in the party.   It is his class and education that makes him able to transcend all the criticisms of all his challengers, who do not share his background and have not had his educational opportunities.

Also, none of them are prepared to speak out for family values supported by marriage because they are mostly sluts and bastards anyway.

The last time anyone in the party discussed family values with me a few days ago, it was to tell me that family values supported by marriage is NOTHING TO DO WITH NATIONALISM and that I should start my own party because the slut and bastard BNP will never change, and he would never dream of telling them to change, because he has no leadership ambitions, only wants to stay in the party because it is his social club, and does not want to be hated by his former comrades.

In the meantime, let's carry on leafleting our way into power, all the while complaining about sex-predators of other races targeting easy meat white girls whose slut single mums (whom the so-called "men" at the BNP are too afraid to criticise) have abandoned to the streets and care homes ....

Let us also ignore the fact that the white working classes have not been failed by the female-dominated teaching profession which has made the slut and bastard white working classes so unfit for purpose of work that no rational employer of the white race would ever want to hire them if he can hire better and cheaper immigrant labour.


Blame the Muslims for wanting to dissociate themselves from Slut Single Mum Culture by covering themselves to show they are different from the filth and degeneracy of white working class "culture" with whom they share the same neighbourhood.

What is white working class culture?

Socrates said that an unexamined life is not worth living, but what would they know or care about Socrates, eh?  And why would Nick Griffin be telling them about Socrates?  He is too busy exploiting their grievances and voting on EU legislation as MEP for that sort of thing.   


Anonymous said...

You have mistakenly titled this piece:'Keith Allen meets Nick Allen'

from grammar-school educated proof reader

Claire Khaw said...

I am grateful to you for bringing this to my notice.

Mrs P said...

1. Riven is my friend and she is decidedly middle class and has a Phd so your ridiculous comments do not fit.

2. Grow up and stop picking on people you perceive as less valid than yourself; that is not debate, it is bullying. Except of course I will not draw this to her attention so she will not know. Which perhaps reduces it to the level of bitching favoured by thirteen year old schoolgirls at the comp gates. Either way, it makes you look dim.