Saturday, 21 April 2012

My Todmorden trip
Jeffrey looking gay.

Me trying to look seductive to lesbians.

David Jones, candidate for Borough Councillor at The White Hart in Todmorden

The most fashionable coffee bar in Tod, but the manager wouldn't give Jeffrey a  second cup so we could share his caffetiere which contained 3 cups

David Jones with Grant - a Native American

David Jones trying hard not to blink and me looking in a different direction, under instructions of the photographer

Grant the Native American in his stetson, looking wise

Jeffrey Marshall leafleting with David Jones

A shire pony that looked like a brown bear in the distance

A pretty rural scene

Black and White together

Jeffrey looking as if he had been teleported straight from London into an uphill country lane

Jeffrey in the distance reminding me of Mary Poppins

The pair of trees reminded me of a long married couple

Jeffrey by a babbling brook

David, Angus and Jeffrey

Angus being powerful and affectionate with Jeffrey

My attempt to detoxify Nazi imagery.  The war ended 67 years ago.  Can we get over it, please?  Jewish people are not the only people in the world who have been expelled and massacred by horrible people who don't like them.  I know they want special status because they are the people who created God, but enough already, OK?  I am at heart a Jew but in practice a Muslim, even though I am in fact an atheist who thinks Agnosticism is the only intellectually respectable stance to take.  NB:  GUNS HAVE BEEN INSPECTED, GIVEN THE ALL-CLEAR AND RETURNED BY THE POLICE.

You, too, can get yourself a Happy Hitler T-shirt at

Me in the isosceles stance showing I can handle a gun.  I think  David Jones' abode could be a  potential tourist attraction.   Perhaps David could charge the grockles who want photos of themselves doing something similar.  (GUN HAS BEEN INSPECTED , GIVEN THE ALL-CLEAR AND RETURNED BY THE POLICE.)

David Jones posing with gun in front of THAT flag.   For him, as with Hell's Angels, the swastika is a sign of rebellion at the established liberal order, and  designed to cause offence INTENTIONALLY to all who wish to take offence.  The more the liberal establishment have shitfits about this sort of thing the more attractive you make it to the rebel  IN ALL OF US.  (GUN HAS BEEN INSPECTED , GIVEN THE ALL-CLEAR AND RETURNED BY THE POLICE.)

Me posing with gun.  Green sticker means it has been inspected by the police and returned.

Me not quite managing to look like Diana Rigg in The Avengers with a supporter of Satan's Slaves.

Me in front of Green Nazi Farmer flag with a portrait of the Fuhrer with a long-suffering expression

Jeffrey reading David's A3 leaflet

A fireside photo of Jeffrey and me

David and me

Me not quite managing to lift 35 kg

David Jones looking like a benign Nordic deity.   

The fridge of David Jones.  Why is it OK if it says BLACK power but not WHITE power?  I think that is a bit racist, to be honest.   

David Jones explaining what the coppers did to him.

David and a friendly local

The Inedible Incredibles have take over the police station!  Dave's contempt  for makes it more likely that these people have more to fear from him than Muslims.  Farmers hate the organic movement, apparently.  I hate the people who have turned paying over the odds for food to make you morally superior to people who cannot afford to do so a status symbol.  

David Jones leafleting

Jeffrey was horrified, disgusted and incredulous that there are signs such as these inviting women to go into a cafe and expose their milk-engorged breasts to him while he is drinking  his coffee.  I said it would be very useful for men who like that sort of thing so they know where to go to drink their coffee with a lascivious, hungry and hopeful expression on their face ...   

David Jones very sportingly posing for this shot

David Jones trying to look demented and me forgetting to look demented as the photographer  instructed us to.   


David and Jeffrey in front of the war memorial

The Lucky Dog

A formal gesture of Ethno and  Civic Nationalist Solidarity.  We both want lower taxes, fewer  laws, to abolish all  thoughtcrime or hate-speech laws in the Equality Act and demand that the 5 principles of liberty respected: (1) freedom of belief (2) freedom of association (3) freedom of contract (4) freedom of expression  (5) the right to property.  We both despise the overweening nanny state and its running dogs whose values cause degeneracy and national decline.  We believe in traditional conservative values, which Cameron and his emasculated effete metrosexual ilk are so clueless about.  David and I both believe that the Institution of Marriage was created for EUGENIC purposes and that feminism is ANTI-EUGENIC.  No, Eugenics is not "what Hitler did", but consist of policies such as laws against incest to PREVENT degeneracy.  What is degeneracy?  Being socially, culturally, intellectually, physically impoverished the way we are now after so many decades of liberal dementia and women NOT making rational reproductive choices, because feminism has so raised their status.that women now appear to be beyond criticism.  It is so bad in Britain now that even the Muslims have become degenerate, Dave tells me.  Ethno and Civic Nationalism is planning for the future and thinking of the NATIONAL INTEREST, rather than narrow amoral tribal party interest that has brought the LibLabCon into such disrepute.  It is time to listen to THE VOICE REASON!  Nationalism does not have to be aggressive and xenophobic.  It can be RATIONAL, LIBERTARIAN, WISE and PEACEFUL and the opposite of our extremist PC liberalism in the nicest possible way.   Both Dave and I are peace-niks and are against all the Neo-conning liberal wars that has been started in the name of white people to steal the oil of Muslims under the pretext of  regime change in the name of human rights. It is Western foreign policy that has created terrorism and made so many peoples of the world  hate the West.  We want these matters discussed in a calm and civilised way in the media.  When you  have all exhausted yourselves having a hissy fit over the Nazi stuff, can we do that, please?

Saheed has beautiful eyes.  Next time you go and buy something from his stall look into his eyes.  He also bought David and me a cup of tea.  Very welcome while we were waiting for Jeffrey to meet us, 45 minutes late ...

Tis shame it ain't a pie and barber shop.   

Me in front of the statue of an Utopian Socialist in Manchester.   

Yep, that's me all right.  


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Claire!

I especially like this: (is that your Anders Breivik pose?)

And this: (it actually makes you look like some kind of film star, and there is the phallic symbolism of the gun right in the face of the viewer of the photo, and the swastika in the background...)

For those who don't like these pictures... get a sense of humour.

Claire Khaw said...

Thank you very much for saying such things about the photos. Very much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

we in the northeast national front think you and your freak of nature friend, should pack your bags and leave this country with the rest, of the immigrants and dont ever come back.

Claire Khaw said...

You are all entitled to your opinion, of course!

Anonymous said...

Hi Claire, are you Tiao Kiu Kiaou?

Don't be too hard on the round-eyes! They didn't mastermind the Opium Wars or what preceded them. But you-know-who!

You've also been thoroughly beastly to Dave. After all his focus on middle-of-nowhere local politics and advocacy of dead-end independents surely merit some credits for the cause?

Claire Khaw said...

Who is Tiao Kiu Kiaou?

"Don't be too hard on the round-eyes! They didn't mastermind the Opium Wars or what preceded them. But you-know-who!" You-know-who WHAT?

Dave has not in any way brought credit to nationalism, has he? If there are marks for being a fighter and not a quitter, then I am happy to say he has shown a certain willingness to carry on, because he relishes the attention he gets as a result of campaigning, writing, publishing and distributing his leaflets.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Claire!

Was just wondering - what are your thoughts on the progression of the feminist movement that's allowed you to vote, retain the right to freedom of speech, have a job, and wear trousers? You clearly partake in at least two of these things judging from your photos and blog, what are your thoughts on the patriarchy retaking them once you've achieved your ultimate goal? It'd be a bit sad if you lost your trousers :(

Claire Khaw said...

Secular Koranism says nothing about abolishing free speech, jobs for women or trousers for women.