Saturday, 7 April 2012

No comment from the complacent BNP on anti-racist hysteria crippling the operational efficiency of British police

Youths of all ages of all races in all nations know what the cops can be like when they collar you for one reason or another.

Let's face it young men are just not that nice to each other, especially if you divide them into different tribes.   Young white criminal suspects are often treated rudely by white police, before the immigrants arrived.

In Britain suspected criminals who are black will be treated more politely by white British police.

White suspected criminals can continue to be treated rudely by the police without fear of them playing the race card.

This is the liberal idea of improving race relations, which no one, but no one, but no one is prepared to question, not even the complacent BNP whose Chairman has not seen fit to comment on the ever shriller siren screams of anti-racist hysteria.   Not even a tweet from him.   More than his job's worth, I suppose.   

Interestingly, I have been told yesterday that I would not be welcome at the BNP London Mayoral Candidate's Manifesto Launch in North East London on Monday 9 April as a reporter.

Press and Media please ring Stephen Squire for details on: 07771 598 227
Members and supporters wanting to attend please ring Paul on: 07985 147 324

Do they doubt my ability to report impartially on the proceedings then?   

I actually tweeted approvingly of Carlos' performance on LBC the other day compared to the very dull Lawrence Webb.   

To be read in reverse order:

3 Apr Claire Khaw ‏ @1party4all
Well done, Carlos! @londonorganiser

3 Apr Claire Khaw ‏ @1party4all
Gives me such a warm glow to hear the BNP and UKIP London mayoral candidates agreeing with each other! @lbc973

3 Apr Claire Khaw ‏ @1party4all
"The Mayor of London has to revalue manual work," says Carlos. Excellent stuff!

3 Apr Claire Khaw ‏ @1party4all
"Why should anyone pay for parking outside his own home?" asks Carlos. Attaboy! Lawrence can be rather long-winded.

3 Apr Claire Khaw ‏ @1party4all
Carlos agrees with Lawrence about LEZ, and is much less boring. Good move, Carlos! @lbc973

3 Apr Claire Khaw ‏ @1party4all
LEZzzzzzzzzzzzz @lbc973 @Siobhan4Mayor

3 Apr Claire Khaw ‏ @1party4all
"Charity begins at home," says Carlos, mastering the art of the soundbite, while Lawrence waffles on about regulations.

3 Apr Claire Khaw ‏ @1party4all
I must say I think Carlos is coming off quite well compared to Lawrence Webb who is a rather dull chap.

3 Apr Claire Khaw ‏ @1party4all
Carlos says Olympic tickets printed in the US and merchandise made in China.

3 Apr Claire Khaw ‏ @1party4all
Carlos says "I can't make promises I cannot deliver."

3 Apr Claire Khaw ‏ @1party4all
UKIP candidate says BNP candidate naive to ignore immigration!

3 Apr Claire Khaw ‏ @1party4all
BNP has to be more inclusive, Carlos says. @lbc973

3 Apr Claire Khaw ‏ @1party4all
Carlos says he will represent people who are entitled to be in the UK irrespective of race.

3 Apr Claire Khaw ‏ @1party4all
BNP won't be campaigning on immigration, Carlos says.

3 Apr Claire Khaw ‏ @1party4all
Slight confusion on UKIP name with Lawrence Webb. @lbc973

3 Apr Claire Khaw ‏ @1party4all
It will be fun for me to imagine myself in the shoes of Carlos Cortiglia since I was once prospective BNP London Mayoral candidate.

3 Apr Claire Khaw ‏ @1party4all
UKIP and BNP London Mayoral candidates on @lbc973

I do not need to attend the Manifesto Launch to tell you, dear reader, that everything the BNP does is a waste of your time and your money if they don't sort out their ideology and have a leader who cares about The Cause (by which I take to be the National Interest, rather than what lower class white people who cannot compete with foreigners in the field of unskilled manual labour would like to do non-white British citizens when they get into power).  Nick Griffin is clinging to leadership as a farmer would cling to his only milk-producing cow.   

Do not expect courageous decisions from this man, who has not seen fit to comment on Liam Stacey's 56 day imprisonment for blaspheming against a black footballer.  He calculates, correctly, that most BNP core supporters are too dim and too busy to notice.   The ones in the party who do are too frightened to criticise him because they do not want to be suspended or expelled.   

A member I know has been disabled from commenting from the BNP Facebook page for pointing out that Carlos Cortiglia, the BNP London Mayoral Candidate, committed an infelicity of expression when he talked about the BNP "setting London alight" and then went on immediately to discuss last year's riots.   

You would have thought that NOW is the time to build up a full steam of publicity on policies and principles for British nationalism, before the next General Election.  NOW is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party, but this is not in fact what Nick Griffin wants, if these men have any possibility of appearing to be better leaders than him.   

Nick Griffin does not think the core membership will understand or bother their pretty heads with principles and ideology.  Nick Griffin is only interested in the lowest common denominator.  Nick Griffin is not interested in infusing the party with talent that might threaten his leadership, even if it would help the cause of British Nationalism.

And that is why the BNP is a waste of time and money under its current leadership.   

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Jeff Marshall said...

As you say, the British National Party fails to comment on the anti racist hysteria gripping the police force which enables ethnic suspects to play the race card and they managed to comment only ONE WEEK LATER on the Liam Stacey case.

Of course what is missing now is a decent news team on the BNP website.