Thursday, 12 April 2012

Proposed Party for Family Values Against Feminism

Kathleen Watty I rather fancy the Anti-Israel Party. I've thought about it for a while! But I also like the Anti Feminist Party also. It would be worth the registration fee to piss off the lefties.
8 April at 23:23

Leon Georgiou Yes, we should stand candidates again well-known leftists under the banner of the Anti-Feminist Alliance, whose members are free to be part of other parties too. I would join such a party and nominate myself Party Secretary.
8 April at 23:25

Kathleen Watty An anti-feminist party would be superb, I truly believe that. The lefties would LOATHE it!
8 April at 23:28

Kathleen Watty I think it is£200 to register a new party, fuck it I am going to do it! The Anti-Feminist Party! Haha!!

Leon Georgiou You [David Jones] can be Party Chairman (an emphasis on using masculist language!) and Claire can be... I don't know, think of something authoritative and patriarchal!
8 April at 23:31

Kathleen Watty I would happily stand in elections for the Anti Feminist Party.
8 April at 23:33

Leon Georgiou The Anti-Feminist Party could be the British equivalent of the Australiam Family Rights Party.
8 April at 23:38

Kathleen Watty Yes! We must write some blurb for it and get a website.
8 April at 23:46

Kathleen Watty Maybe the Family Values Party is a better title?
8 April at 23:49

Leon Georgiou NO! The Family Values Party can be left for a more serious organization. For now, the Anti-Feminist Party does the job of shocking, provoking, and offending.

Are you interested, Claire?
8 April at 23:51

Leon Georgiou If Claire did express interest in forming a Family Values Party, would you be game? In all seriousness, it could act as a single-issue pressure party willing to work with all other parties to promote socially conservative morality and the nuclear family unit.
Monday at 00:23

Aled Jamieson [a Muslim] Anti Feminist party is a brilliant idea.
Monday at 05:02

Aled Jamieson The ideology should be based on family values and appreciating woman as a mother.
Monday at 05:03

Claire Khaw I think you need to be quite explicit about what you stand for, so the words ANTI-FEMINIST or even THE PATRIARCHY should feature in the name of the party.

How do people feel about The Patriarchy Party?

Family Values is too motherhood and apple pie.
Monday at 09:51

Claire Khaw I am happy to be Directrix of Communications.
Monday at 10:01

Leon Georgiou I would definitely support a Family Values Party existing as a single-issue pressure group offering to work with other parties and individuals. Syncretic, co-operative politics is the way forward. We can, of course, relate the decline of the nuclear family unit to lack of social cohesion, poverty, and crime. Candidates could stand locally in run-down areas. In General Elections, we could offer to campaign with any individual willing to publicly support traditional family values and speak about the problems caused by unmarried single motherhood.
Monday at 11:10

Kathleen Watty The Anti-Slut Party!

Claire Khaw The A S P. I like that ....

Leon Georgiou That could be our byline: "Counter-revolutionaries against feminism, sexual licence, and the destruction of the family!"

Leon Georgiou We must make this a reality! I'm genuinely passionate about this idea! We need to be a thorn in the side of the ruling leftist hegemony! Make them listen to us, even if this entails ridicule and annoyance, as we want to be heard. As a single-issue (in a broad sense) organization, we can afford all negative publicity as it means attention.

We can offer to work alongside and campaign for any candidates of any party standing in elections prepared to address the subject of the declining nuclear family and single motherhood. Where candidates have specifically denounced the traditional family unit or called for an increase in benefits for single mothers, we can stand simply to oppose them and ensure they lose, even if we don't win.

I think our party would be most attractive if we stand in local elections in areas of high unemployment and crime. The reason communities fall apart is the snapping of the spine of the family institution. We must be prepared to state this boldly and address this problem.

Kathleen Watty I am attracted to it because only chavvy whore single mothers can object! When I get some money together next week I will set some aside to get the party registered. New need a name and a brief manifesto. I'm shite at that, but you and Claire are excellent at propaganda!

Leon Georgiou We should stick to either the Anti-Feminist Party or the Family Values Party then. In our manifesto we can devote a section to free speech, in particular against the cultural and political ideas detrimental to the nuclear family unit.

I very much like the Simon Sheppard propaganda. We can have a link to the pamphlet on the party website.

Leon Georgiou We can also look to the Chinese Communist Party to adumbrate our own party constitution.

I also look eagerly forward to the publication of Simon's new misogynistic book! We can plug that on our site too.

Claire Khaw The Party of Patriarchy - P O P ....

Leon Georgiou The Family Values Party works well: the name is anodyne and it encapsulates exactly what we stand for as a single-issue pressure party.

Kathleen Watty Haha I quite like POP!! but most of the steeple will think patriarchy is an Irish bank holiday or something! I really do think the Family Values Party is absolutely perfect.

Kathleen Watty There needs to be Chairman, Treasurer and Nominations Officer.

Leon Georgiou The Family Values Party would be the British counterpart to the Family First Party in Australia. Links between the two could even be forged.

Kathleen Watty I oppose feminism. It has created a nation of weak men and strong women who behave like men, shagging anything that moves. They are a HUGE contribution to the social decay we now see.

laire Khaw I think Kathleen's idea of nationalists standing up for family values is an excellent one. She is the only white woman so far who is prepared to stick her neck out on this one

Claire Khaw If Kathleen is going to do this family values party thing then we can attract a bit of publicity on that. If David MountainMan Jones would join us then that would be even better. If we can free Simon Sheppard in the process ....

Claire Khaw Having me and the BPP involved in this would be newsworthy, I would have thought. It would break new ground for an ethno-nationalist party to actually talk about family values instead of blaming other races.

I mean, FFS, Simon Sheppard is associated with the BPP and the BPP don't even use his stuff!

Leon Georgiou Most nationalists who listen to SS do so politely but in boredom with vapid nods of the head. His arguments are too intellectually refined and speak of something other than niggers and Pakis, so they don't get it. Kathleen Watty likes the man, but unlike me, she feels like yawning and switching off when he starts blathering on about MARKERS. She was particularly annoyed with me in York when SS, true patriarch that he is, instructed her to "sit down as this is going to take a while to explain" after I probed him further on the psychology of flirting.

Maybe nationalists should actually read up on SS's beliefs regarding why White women are impulsively drawn to miscegenating...

Claire Khaw Simon Sheppard is a gift of propaganda, being a political prisoner and all, and you guys are just letting him gather dust on the shelf! Would the BPP like a Press Officer or a Directrix of Communications, perchance?

My recommendations would be to propagate the following messages:

1. The white race can only get on its feet again if it starts promoting and practising family values.

2. It will never ever recover from the malaise besetting it if it does not acknowledge that feminism is the ideology that is preventing the white race from practising family values.

3. Feminism has desecrated the institutions of the family and marriage.

4. All the Abrahamic faiths promote the patriarchy, which feminists see as their duty to undermine.

5. Feminism prevents women from playing their role as mothers and forces them to compete with men, making both men and women unhappy.

6. The quality of their offspring, ie the next generation, suffers because men and women cannot respect each other and stay together long enough to bring their children up properly.

7. This makes white people less competitive compared with other races, because they have lower standards of behaviour, education and training.

8. This makes white employers prefer foreign employees, further disadvantaging the white working classes.

Claire Khaw Ultimately, it is up to the BPP to decide if I am the best person to advance the interests of the white people, and whether they want to be associated with me.

Claire Khaw I suggest they think in terms of publicity rather than race.

The policies I support that nationalists may approve of are:

1. repeal Equality Act

2. repeal the European Communities Act

3. repeal the Human Rights Act

4. repeal the Abolition of the Death Penalty Act

5. split up and sell off the BBC

‎6. Abolish the idea of a racially aggravated offence

‎7. make it a requirement to have a marriage contract before people can get married.

8. abolish Inheritance Tax

9. abolish the civil partnership

‎10. abolish no-fault divorce

I really really really hope something comes out of this.   

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